20 Today!

Happy 20th Birthday to my darling first born son.

Its quite frightening how you can go from this…. which must have been taken 9 years ago as Charlie is a puppy,

to this…. in just a few short years..

and I thought you might like the amusement of this photo.

The boys had ‘borrowed’ my camera, which was strictly off limits, boys tend to mislay/break/scratch/say oops a lot/along with it wasn’t my fault at this age.

So they took my camera and then took photographs with it.. which sort of gave the game away… they were still denying it (you don’t think things through properly at this age) whilst I was downloading the photographs onto my computer. And then to top it all, they had photographed both boy and whippet, In My Bed!!! I laughed like a drain.

Happy Birthday Son!

(it could have been worse, it could have had photographs of a bare bottom in)

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