Tartan Scarf – Finished!

Many, many moons ago, my friend Knitted Bear made this beautiful scarf which was designed by Anna Tillman of Web of Wool and published by Rowan, (book 42 if you would like the pattern). I longed for such a beautiful scarf, it sang to my soul at the deepest of levels. When I see something so beautiful that it touches a part of me that is not normally reached in the drudgery of everyday life, I remember it for a very long time.

But at that time my knitting had not reached a level where I felt I could master such a complicated pattern along with the absolute fact that my knitting of socks addiction had reached heady heights along with I’d also side tracked my self by starting to knit my first adult sized garment, a Cobblestone for hubby.

Some months passed and the call of this beautiful scarf was still nudging me in my memory, in the way that a dog will nudge you to remind you its dinner time, gently but persistently, I only had one choice, but to cast on. Rachel and I chose these beautiful colours together, I think if my memory proves correct that Rachel squealed in delight at this particular colour combination! Rowan Kidsilk Haze – trance – 1 skein, Rowan TapestryLakeland 180 – 1 skein, and Rowan Tapestry- Moorland 175- 2 skeins.

I started to knit in August 2008 and immediately became tangled in yarn. I carried on, made errors, tried to rip it back – have you ever tried to rip back kid silk haze, its a no, go, cut the scratty piece of material I had knitted off and started again… and knit just a few inches, photographed it, posted on to my blog and have occasionally been knitting this scarf ever since.

It became a love/hate relationship, I so loved and admired the scarf, so pretty, so delicate, I loved the colours and thought how beautiful they would look against my black dress coat but I found it so tedious. I can only think when looking back that these problems stemmed from my first attempt at controlling more than one ball of yarn at a time.

Since then I have learnt many, many things about knitting – some good and some not so good.. knitting Is stress relieving, knitting causes stress! Swatching is good, But also misleading! Knitting produces wonderful, beautiful garments, the mountain of ironing continues to grow! And… I do have to still cook meals, regardless of just how complicated my current piece is – my family will not understand!

But along with some of these lessons that I have learnt, I have also mastered how to use more than one ball of yarn at a time, Jane of Knit Wits a lovely knitting group in Coventry, gave a tutorial on Fair-isle. Lets say the tiny (and aren’t they always, it is after all just knit and purl) points that I picked up made absolute sense and I often wonder why I hadn’t worked those points out for myself. Jane very carefully listened to me when I didn’t understand, took me from the point where I understood and gently taught me the techniques I hadn’t mastered. By the end of the session, I had stopped tangling my yarn… That was an eye opening moment, I thank her for that.

Along this journey and it was a wonderful journey, I also have to thank Knitted Bear who taught me how to weave in the start of the horizontal stripe as it was knit, I have never mastered how to weave in (as you knit) the end of the horizontal stripe, (I don’t even know whether it is possible!) but it certainly saved me from weaving in half of the ends and I am very grateful. (I always love to master a new technique and Knitted Bear was very generous with her time to teach me, bearing in mind that she was probably knitting something quite furiously that had to be knitted up to a time scale, birthdays, Christmas, mothers day etc)

So, may I present…

I rather think it suits my male model with the grey whiskers, he was a very good sport.

and although it is photographed on a white shirt, I think it will look stunning on black.

Finished, August 2009 – a whole year on the needles…

There is something that I must tell you all, this means, that I only have one project on my needles (I am starting to swatch for one, but that doesn’t count) my Lizard Ridge, I shall knit a few more squares before becoming side tracked by something ‘oh so beautiful, I would love that’


2 thoughts on “Tartan Scarf – Finished!

  1. Carie says:

    It is BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on finishing it – all we need now is some cool misty mornings and you'll be sorted. Not that I am in any way regreting the lovely sunshine of course!!


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