Courgette Chocolate Cake!!

When I suggested to son no.2 that he might like to help me prepare a chocolate courgette cake his reaction was one of disbelief and said ‘quite vocally’ that I must be mad! Well, I would probably agree with that most days to be honest.

Then son no.1 arrived in the kitchen and made rude comments about wanting to put courgettes in a chocolate cake. I sighed deeply, and replied ”you like carrot cake don’t you”, “well that’s different they both replied”

We have a glut of courgettes at the moment which is no bad thing as I love them and will even eat courgettes sauted gently and made into a fritata for a weekend brunch. I found this recipe for Chocolate and Courgette Cake on Riverfords Organic Veg web site which I thought might be worth a try.

Fast forward an hour or so,,

Ta da…

Cake anyone?

The sharp eyed amongst you will notice that the cake was still warm when I filled it, I was being badgered by the hungry hoards to finish making the cake so that they could get there greedy mitts on it!!! (strange how their opinions changed)

Its lovely and moist and quite chocolaty. I have to admit to cheating and using a tub of Betty Crocker’s icing, which is very naughty. I think this cake would be lovely served plain with custard, cream or ice-cream.

Hubby’s been quite successful this year at growing cucumbers.. he came home with this today, it weighs 2.5 lbs.

And the first of the figs.

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