Circular Sock Machine.

Just over a month ago I fulfilled my dream of owning an antique circular sock machine. I’d been looking at these wonderful machines for nearly as long as I have been knitting socks. But first I had to try and learn something about them, find one at a reasonable price and then hit it lucky that when I had paid for it, it would indeed work.

I found this lovely machine on ebay, sent a few questions to the seller who replied promptly and I felt genuinely and then waited for the auction to end. The last five minutes was terrifying! and then I’d won a Griswold, 84/42.

When I contacted the seller we arranged to meet at one of the oldest lace factories in Nottingham, there were machines there that were two hundred years old that were still producing lace.

I was very generously given two hours free tuition and I seem to remember that quite a few items were given to me that I hadn’t actually bid for!

I took this piece of machinery home full of trepidation mixed in with excitement and set to work the next day. To say there is a steep learning curve to master this machine is an understatement. There were times that I wondered if I would ever produce a heel, let alone a sock.

But finally, I had a sock. Well almost a sock.

I’ve finally got around to kitchenering it today.

I think its a bit scruffy, but it is my very first csm sock.

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