Kenilworth Knit and Natter.

As some of you may have come to realise from reading my blog, I love knitting. I just don’t like it, I love it and can live and breath it for hours on end. Finding like minded people is always such a pleasure. My face will light up when discussing different yarns, (especially independently dyed sock yarns) various designers, patterns, techniques, the list does go on and on.

And there was only one thing missing in my life, a knitting circle in Kenilworth. I am lucky enough to go to a lovely knitting group in Coventry – Coventry Knit Wits – several times a month, but as I don’t drive, sometimes hubby who is my resident chauffeur is a little busy and at those times I don’t wish to put extra pressure on him.

I’d been hoping that somebody else would start a knitting group in Kenilworth and I could just drift along to that. Well I waited long enough, so three weeks ago, I made a phone call and gained permission for a knitting group to start in Kenilworth in a lovely location right next to the Thursday market. What could be more perfect. I took it as a sign.

I made posters, then hawked them around the local tradespeople who I thought might be interested, everyone I approached was positive and agreed to put them in their shop window. I also put a couple of posts up in Ravelry.

And then I waited for a response, with a tightly knotted tummy.

Within hours there was interest, (have I mentioned just how much I love Ravelry) and then my excitement grew, this idea of mine might actually work!

The first week, well, I barely slept, in the morning I couldn’t eat, drinking coffee was a struggle, my tummy was a tightly knotted mass. Pacing around the house I veered from collecting items of interest to checking on Ravelry and my emails where I found a lovely “Good Luck” message from a very kind knitting pal of mine. She made me laugh out loud and all my negativity (is anyone going to come, will I be sitting there for two hours on my own, do I need an exit strategy after an hour and a half, or should I stick it out) ebbed away. And was replaced by lovely wonderful thoughts about starting a new group, what excitements and treasures I would find along this journey, a journey where I could share my love of all things yarny.

Well that was three weeks ago, Thursday mornings are never going to be the same.

Today for instance, we all had such a wonderful time we completely lost track of it. I’m meeting new friends and old (of the most treasured variety) and we are certainly doing more nattering than knitting.

So if you fancy a little knit and natter yourself, we meet at The Almanack between 10 and 12.

Don’t forget to bring your needles, (or crochet hook!)

2 thoughts on “Kenilworth Knit and Natter.

  1. Stasher says:

    Already bumping into new friends made at the Kenilworth Knit and Natter. Today met Helen and Barbara, and they are looking forward to the sock knitting. Thanks again for organising this.


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