This weeks Harvest..

We have been living off the plot for a couple of months. We are eating (are you ready for this!),

Lettuce, (I’ve managed to supply the kitchen with fresh lettuces all summer so far, which I think is a fine accomplishment)
Cucumber, three varieties,,
Sweet peppers,
Runner Beans,
French Beans,
Borlotti Beans,
Black Kale,
Turks head Pumpkin,
herbs, mint, sage, oregano, basil, coriander, french parsley, chives, rosemary, thyme and bay.

We have eaten lots of lovely soft fruits which have finished, the Morello cherries from the tree hubby bought me were particularly delicious, I gently warmed them with a generous splash of cointreau and a little sugar and we had them with some vanilla (high end!) ice-cream.

And I am desperately waiting for my tomatoes. I was very late this year with getting them started, so I may be finding new recipes for green tomatoes if they don’t all ripen.

Here are a few piccies.

Half a sack of spuds, don’t ask me what, I’ve completely forgotten! I do know that we have four rows of main crop potatoes still in the ground which will be taken up shortly and stored. That should keep us going nicely until the spring.

Runner beans, which have been blanched and are safely stored in the freezer. The plants are doing really nicely, they are still flowering, so we should be getting beans for a few weeks. We have had a few delicious meals of tender french beans, I’m allowing them to run to seed to become haricot beans which I will store for winter casseroles/minestrone soup etc.

Quite a small crop of onions, we have eaten the red variety and this batch suffered from a fungus caused by the very dry June we had. These are the best ones, ready for storage, I have a bag full of slightly damaged onions which will be used first.

Quite pleased with the shallots, a little damage but generally sound.

The Pumpkin patch is spreading..

and you can just see the treasures which will be stored for autumn and winter use.

Our sweetcorn is delicious…. Honestly! Three of those, lots of butter and the use of a napkin make a very fine supper.

Do you remember the dustbin carrots…
They are doing nicely, not a blemish from carrot fly. I need to find a way to make a high rise permanent bed for my carrots. Carrot fly only flies low to the ground so if you can raise the bed you should fool it as they can’t find the carrots. That is the theory!

Leeks are doing nicely, I’m already thinking about all of those lovely soups I’ll be making.

Green tomatoes! I am really not happy about this, its one of my favourite crops. And waiting for them to ripen is proving very painful.

A friendly allotmenteer presented me with this!

I think this is the biggest cauliflower I’ve ever seen.. I was quite proud of my red cabbages, (which I forgot to photograph) until I saw his, his are the size of a small six year old child!

This will be made into a sweet piccalilli tomorrow.

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