Reality or Illusion?

Its sometimes hard to tell.

Especially whilst lying in bed with a migraine.

On Tuesday son no.1 was helping to load up the broken dishwasher into a lorry, and cut his finger deeply.

Well it seemed deep to me.

When it was thrust under my nose whilst I was lying in bed. All I could see was bright, thick and rather too much of it blood. And the cut looked really deep.

And it wouldn’t stop bleeding, it was still bleeding some fifteen minutes later.

I dressed myself and then bandaged said son up before going off to the hospital so that they could look at it.

Now at this point I’m starting to doubt my sanity, because upright, I feel that it probably isn’t quite as bad as I thought it was when I was horizontal, but it is still deep and it is still bleeding and I’m in a quandary. Do I, say to my darling child, “don’t worry about it, it will be fine” and then when it turns green and drops off, blame myself for ever and a day. Or do I, carry on with my actions, and let the doctors have a look.

I’m afraid I took the cowards way out, and I’m so sorry for wasting the hospitals time and I’m sure the nurses were laughing about the paranoid mother with the 20 something year old son, (not in a nasty way, just a yep, we’ve seen the paranoid mothers before way) although I managed to redeem myself and Not go in with him to see the triage nurse. (although emotionally that was a struggle and if it had been our 17 yr old, I probably would have done)

And when son no.1, walked back to me, with a plaster on his finger, (and not the white, mends bones type plaster, the little pink strip you buy from a chemists type plaster) I knew and it was a painful lesson that I had probably made the wrong call.

Reality or illusion, its sometimes hard to tell.

as a post script, at least he’s updating his tetanus on Monday, as this is five years out of date. Every cloud as they say.

2 thoughts on “Reality or Illusion?

  1. Jenny says:

    I'm sure the hospital thought it was simply a better safe than sorry situation and were happy to deal with sober co-operative people. You are certainly not one of the time wasters and they will know that.


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