The imaginery blanket – Sir lancelot to the rescue.

Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived a coven of friendly witches. Rather than cast spells to harm people, because they were friendly witches, they used to cast spells with fleece from sheep and on special occasions goats and even camels were tickled under their chin until they gave up a small amount of their coat. You could always tell when a witch was deep in thought and casting a spell because of the twitch of her needles or the purr of her spinning wheel.

And before you could say “Abra Cadabra Fish and Chips!” there would magically appear a beautiful garment to keep a loved one warm. The other witches would gather around the witch that had cast such a fabulous spell to murmur approval at just how soft and warm the garment was and how much it would be loved and then with a contented sigh the witches would go back to casting magical spells of their own.

One day a young and beautiful black cat called Smokey came into their coven and said to the witches who were all sat quietly casting spells and generally have a rather nice time, “I have a message from afar” , the witches stopped casting their spells and listened, keen to hear what Smokey the talking cat was going to say. “Soon, but not too soon, there will be a baby born to my mistress and I know that her hearts desire would be to wrap her baby up in the most beautiful, softest, knit in the most beautiful colours blanket, I have heard about your magic spells, can you help me make this possible”

Well, the witches almost let out a collective scream of glee..

You see even though they liked to cast spells individually, there was nothing better in all the world than when the witches all cast a spell together, it was even better than cheese on toast and a piping hot mug of cream of tomato soup after a cold and frosty walk. It really was the most magical of moments to cast spells together, the witches were so very happy that they immediately set to work.

The witches met for breakfast several days later after they had spent all of the previous days and most of the nights casting spells, you could tell that they were doing this because of the delightful sound of the click of the needles. Although you couldn’t hear Minerva’s needles as she had taken to using bamboo so they were very quiet, but occasionally and if you listened hard enough you could just make out her strange incantations of her very own spell, “M1, YO2, SSK, K5, P4,” and so on. You knew Minerva was concocting some sort of deliciousness when her spells became as complex as this.

Eagerly the witches placed the shapes they had knitted on the table and began to sew the blanket together. It was going to be such a beautiful blanket and the witches were giddy with excitement. But every time they sewed two of the shapes together “Poof” they disappeared. The first time this happened, the witches were flabbergasted. They stood back from the table not knowing what to do, they knew not what strong magic this was.

After a strong cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit the witches decided that they would change the thread and needle that they were using to sew the shapes together with. That would surely get rid of this strange magic that had settled into their coven.

Having changed needle and thread they started to work again. And just when they had nearly finished sewing two shapes together “Poof” they too disappeared. This was strange magic indeed. Every time the witches tried to sew two pieces together they disappeared. It became a blanket of their imagination, an imaginary blanket.

Together they decided they would need to consult with Sir Lancelot who was a very friendly lion who had been known to help the witches in times of need. “What shall we do?” they asked him, “We have made an imaginary blanket, is there such a thing as an imaginary blanket? because we seem to have made one.”

Sir Lancelot was very wise, he told the witches that sometimes and he had only known this to happen once or even twice, that the power of this particular spell that had been cast upon this blanket could wear off within one whole year. That the witches must think often and with love about this blanket because that was the only way that this spell could be broken and even if they did that every single day the power of this spell could prove too strong and the blanket would only ever be an imaginary blanket.

The witches were very sad. They had loved that blanket and now it had disappeared right before their noses. One whole year passed and even though the witches had thought about the blanket often and with love and sometimes nearly every day it remained an imaginary blanket. Smokey the talking cat was quite sad too as she had nothing to take home to wrap her mistresses beautiful baby son in.

Sir Lancelot could see how sad the witches were and although he was a wise old lion he could only cast small spells, they were beautiful spells but they could never match the magnificence of the witches spells he wanted to help.

And quietly and without any fuss he waved his magic wand and softly chanted

Make me a jacket
Bright and red
To keep me warm
From morning ’till bed.

And “Poof” a jacket appeared which was lovely and warm and so very, very soft and a most beautiful warm red which would suit the year old boy very nicely indeed.

There was one slight error, Sir Lancelot had included the word me in his poem so when the the jacket appeared it was Sir Lancelot that was wearing it! But we will forgive him that one slight error shall we.

The End.

Sir Lancelot has told me that this special jacket for a beautiful boy has been cast from Cashsoft Aran by Rowan, in colourway 10, it took five balls and was made with with a special spell from Debbie Bliss called Ribbed Baby Jacket and that he added an extra inch to the length of the body.

and with special thanks to Christine who went above and beyond the call of duty and beautifully sewed this jacket up for me – thanks Christine.

5 thoughts on “The imaginery blanket – Sir lancelot to the rescue.

  1. Carie says:

    I feel I should be quoting Macbeth at you but I can't think of anything suitable to plagerise this early in the morning! Love the magic and LOVE the cardigan which my powers of deduction lead me to suspect is for C's baby!


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