Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!!!

Meet Winston.

Isn’t he adorable?

I’ve always wanted a budgie, my Nan used to have one and we became firm friends and I’ve always loved them. Hubby on the other hand, during our twenty years of marriage has never understood my obsession with budgies so I’ve never been lucky enough to own one. I’ve probably spent several weeks of my life looking at budgies at various pet centers desperately trying to convince hubby how lovely they are. And then had to sadly walk away, because they sing to my heart and I was always very sad to leave them.

And have you seen the price of budgie cages. A decently sized one is starting to be serious money so I’ve never felt that I could go against hubby if he really didn’t want one.

A couple of weeks ago whilst visiting my very favourite place in all the world, the tip (just call me Stig) somebody had recently thrown away a very fine cage, a really nice one, with all of its accessories and the lady in charge let me have it for a fiver. A fiver… That really made me smile. I think I really was meant to have it because we were just dumping rubbish and were on our way to a large garden centre (to buy autumn raspberry canes) which has the finest selection of budgies for miles around. I was so happy – hubby was slightly grumpy. I ignored him.

How to select a budgie? I knew I wanted a boy – I had been secretly reading up on budgies over the years and boys are meant to make the best speakers. I also knew I wanted a brightly coloured green budgie with a fluffy head. So when Winston kept landing on the wire netting of his cage next to us for a natter the choice was made.

We came home and set everything up for Winston and the boys moaned it wasn’t a kitten and that they would never entertain Winston or look after him in anyway. They were seriously grumpy with me. And hubby was slightly grumpy too.

And then later that evening, hubby starts to laugh as Winston is trying to navigate the living room and find his favourite perches. And then —– picks him up and starts talking to him. They were bonding.. These days hubby is often the first to get Winston out of his cage in the evening, I’m knitting, hubby is talking to Winston.

and the grumpy teenage boys – well, they are often to be seen with Winston on their shoulder or just sat with a parrot on their finger talking to him.

Winston does have a friend, the dishwasher. The dishwasher peeps four times when its finished it cycle, Winston responds, then there is a delay of twenty seconds and the dishwasher peeps twice more, which Winston responds to. I think its the start of a beautiful relationship..

4 thoughts on “Pieces of eight, pieces of eight!!!

  1. amelia says:

    I hope it's the start!I have always hated to see birds in cages so was really happy to see Winston flying free!We have a 29 year old cockatiel who we have had for 12 years and he is a free as a bird! Haha. His owners bought him for their son ans when the son went away to school, no one wanted to take care of Chippy so he was relegated to the laundry room where he didn't see anyone at all.We took him after hearing about him and he's been with us since. I have his cage on the kitchen counter but his door is always open and he's free to come and go as he wants to.


  2. Lydia says:

    He is absolutely adorable – now I want one. He is even cuter than the ones we had when the kids were small. Not sure however if the cat does (i.e.want one without thoughts of dessert).Keep us updated on the adventures of Winston. Best, Lydia


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