Sewing gods do have a sense of humour.

Today I have been searching around the Internet for a 1/4 inch foot for my electric sewing machine. Having blown the dust off it a couple of weeks ago and then making sure that it does still work. I’ve been playing with it, it will probably need a service but it is a sturdy Singer machine that is only 23 years old and has done very little in its life time.

Yesterday I walked over to the other side of town to find that the sewing machine shop was no longer there. And along with that hubby has been trying to find the sewing shop open in the next town to no avail. Today, I spent hours on the net, generally finding that the person who would have the knowledge was not in, was on holiday, or that they didn’t have a 1/4″ foot in stock. Frustration reigned.

On one last ditch attempt I found a chap that really knew his machines and I have as from four o’clock this afternoon a 1/4″ foot winging its way to me – along with a walking foot, darning foot and cover for the feed. I was most pleased.. I’ve spent some serious amount of man hours on this little adventure.

Cue Singer Treadle machine.

This machine only came into my home recently, just before everything went pear shaped in March so I hadn’t had time to look at it. It was bought from new by a lady that my mother used to work for, she gave it to my mother when she could no longer sew. Up until that point she had made all of her curtains, cushions and many of her clothes on this machine. Mother admired it and had been using it as an ornament for many years, but wanted more space for something else so I very quickly put my hand up and said, “me, let me have it, I would love it so” and so it came to sit in my living room.

Whilst telling hubby about my adventures today, we decided to see what model my very old treadle Singer was, just to see what was available for this machine.

And there, sitting proudly and just waiting for discovery was….

A 1/4″ Foot!!!

Madness I tell you, madness.

Apart from a box of goodies for the machine there were some other little goodies that might amuse you.

The original instruction manual dated 1920 in fabulous condition.

and an old Coventry Evening Telegraph newspaper screwed up in the base dated January 2nd 1964.

I love this advert it seems to depict the glamor of the 60’s, just look at the hairstyles of the well dressed lady of the day. I’ll bet they went to bed with rollers in!

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