Spey Valley Socks.

Having a skein of Peace, Love & Misti Alpaca Hand Painted sock yarn in your stash is akin to having a case of the finest port (hopefully of the year of your birth) stashed away in a deep cellar under your home. (a modern wine cellar fridge will do if the builders were remiss in digging out a cellar whilst building your home) You know its there, its gives you a warm comforting glow and just the thought of using it makes you shiver with anticipation. That stage of affairs can be enjoyed for a very long time.

Then, a friend knits with her Misti Alpaca in exactly the same colourway that was sitting in my stash. You mention this to her and she waxes lyrical about how wonderfully soft and gorgeous her new socks are and practically commands you to cast on. Well with that in mind and the amusement factor that it would be quite good fun to knit the same socks I cast on. Spey Valley Socks by Nancy Bush in Knitting on the Road.

I think its quite a nice idea to knit Spey Valley Socks that have the glint of The Macallan in them and certainly have the comfort that comes from a dram or two. Did I mention that the yarn is made from Alpaca, Merino, Silk and a touch of Nylon.

As beautiful as they are, there is a slight fault, can you see what it is?

A closer look.

You can see on the bottom sock that the striping of the yarn starts to reverse. I didn’t notice until I was half way down my second sock. So I turned my first sock inside out and discovered this…

a tiny little knot that must have slipped through my fingers whilst racing for the toe. It seems secure so I’m just going to leave it alone and see what happens.

Me, I love them and I can’t wait to wear them.

I’ve noticed that Loop in Islington have even more delightful colourways in this yarn, fortunately for me the colours that I favoured were sold out. I still have two more skeins in my stash to shiver in delightful anticipation over.

5 thoughts on “Spey Valley Socks.

  1. Susan says:

    I'm so sorry about the twist in the yarn- how strange. But they do still look beautiful and cosy.Bad news for your wallet as Loop will be getting a huge delivery from Misti Alpacas in a week or so with loads of the Peace, Love & Misti sock yarn and 6 new colours of it too! The new colours are gorgeous. 🙂


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