Fly by blogging.

This is just a quick catch up, thank you to all who left messages/emails. Its so nice to get support when you are feeling so dreadful. I’m slowly getting better, who knew it would take so long!!!

But I’m not wittering on about that this morning – yes I am blogging at a ridiculous hour, the snoring between hubby and the golden retriever was deafening, I gave up and got up.

Since we last spoke, there has been an eighteenth birthday of our youngest son.

He wouldn’t pose nicely for the camera, this is the best shot, there were many outtakes. I don’t know where he gets his stubborn personality from!!!!

It was quite amusing to find out that he is a happy drunk! His elder brother took him to the pub, a visit to the local hostelry is almost a tradition on your 18th in the UK. And after a few sherbets escorted him home, (he was under strict instructions to look after his younger brother!) whereupon I find this extremely tall and quite broad happy drunk hugging me and telling me how much he loves me. We gave him chocolate cake and put him to bed!

And there has been knitting as you might imagine although there seems to be more on the needles than off the needles at the moment.

I finished a pair of socks for the boy above, in a size 13 mens UK. Which is huge.. He loved them and they have been most useful to him in all this snow. These are Opal Hundertwasser in colourway Der Blaue Mond – 1432 knit on 2.5 needles with a 72 stitch cast on. (not only are his feet long they are extremely wide) I wasn’t sure about this colourway and all the way through knitting them I just didn’t like them, but yet when I finished them, cast off, sewed the ends in and held the pair together, I fell in love. It was most odd. You see even if the sock yarn fumes don’t put you under their influence, the power of the knitted socks will..

There was a hat.

I made this hat to keep the eldest of my elder brothers warm. As soon as A was able to talk and draw he was drawing dinosaurs and this was long before paleontology became fashionable through films such a Jurassic Park. He has been on many dinosaur digs all over the world and when he’s not teaching a class room full of young people biology or playing dungeons and dragons (or making interesting items for his games) his mind quickly wanders over to his first love – fossils. All holidays were spent with A wandering off fossil hunting, and even on a beach that you thought there was no possibility that there were any fossils on, it was just all sand, A would return with a bucket full and would then spend a happy few hours analyzing them. (fossil books always went on holiday too)

So when I saw this pattern for a Trilobite hat, I knew I had to knit it for him and off course there was only one colour that would completely work for this pattern – slate grey. The hat looks even better when its worn as it opens the pattern up.

So, may I present “A trilobite caught in slate”

A’s reaction was a treat. He just thought it was a hat, and said a polite thank you. Where upon I’m bouncing up and down in excitement saying “Look at the pattern, look at the pattern” and he looked and said, “Yeah, its nice, thank you” I’m still bouncing, “Look at the pattern – Its a trilobite hat!!” getting squeakier and higher pitched by the second..

And then he really looked at it, I could see his brain computing.. And then there was that Flash of recognition, and it was like watching fireworks coming out of his head, he was completely knocked sideways with it. His reaction was just perfect, he loved it. And it fitted him perfectly. I knit this on 4.5 mm needles as I wanted a generously sized hat using Rowan Pure Wool Aran.

There has been a little bit of knitting for me. I really like Fletcher by Jane Ellison and I’ve had the pattern and the yarn for over a year. Actually I didn’t have quite enough yarn so I asked on Ravelry if there was anyone who would be willing to sell me a skein or two of Noro Iro in the colourway and dyelot I had and not one, but two very kind people came forward. Isn’t Ravelry fabulous, so now I have more than enough to complete my project.

This is Noro Iro in colourway 58. Do you notice the delightful pure white paws that are obviously trying to drag my newly knitted back onto the floor for the pleasure of her own bed? This is Willow, she jumped up whilst I was photographing the back and marched across the fabric just to check if it was up to her exacting standards.

And this is her perched on her bed, which was a doggie coat for Holly our whippet until Willow decided that she wanted it. In the end I had to bow to her good taste and cut off the toggles and let her have it. Willows about 15 now, doesn’t time fly!

2 thoughts on “Fly by blogging.

  1. Carie says:

    Glad to hear that you are on the mend – and I love that the boy is such a happy tipsy 18-year old; it sounds like it was a good birthday.The knitting, as always, is beautiful 🙂


  2. amelia says:

    Then when you did return, I missed it!!I just love the sweater you're making for yourself, the colours are amazing!My hubby is an 'I love you' drinker!! Give him one too many and he's falling all over everyone! Better than the other kind though!


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