Don’t Lose It!

I first knit this scarf in December 2007 for son no.1. He loved it so much that he always wore it and eventually stretched it and to be honest I was just about to reblock it, he’d stretched it that far. And then, he lost it. He was very sad, and I was sad too, not only for the loss of his scarf but because I’d lost my very first pair of gloves that I’d knit in the same week. (I’m still knitting a replacement pair)

I thought I would be able to let him use one of the many scarfs that seem to be littered around the home of mandycharlie, and that was okay for a very short while. But then, he started to plead with me on a daily basis, often twice a day, sometimes even thrice, asking me to knit him exactly the same scarf. And how can you resist those big brown eyes.

So I cast on and knit just as fast as my fingers would allow me, every day spent knitting, looking out at the snow, wondering how cold my boy was whilst he was working just spurred me on. Last night I finished and this morning I have woven in the ends. This pattern is Sequoia knit with three balls of Soft Tweed Rowan in Bramble on needles. I added 3 stitches to both sides, (total of 6 stitches) in a garter stitch pattern just to make it slightly wider. The first scarf used four balls, but my son asked for a shorter scarf.

When I presented him with his shorter scarf this morning……. he asked for a longer scarf…

I’m afraid he got what he was given, I know he’ll stretch this one out. It hasn’t been blocked as he needs the use of it today.

And here we have the photograph of him wearing it, My how he’s changed in the last two years. I think it would be a wonderful idea to have portrait shots of him wearing a new Sequoia scarf every two years, it will be really interesting to see how he changes.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Lose It!

  1. amelia says:

    So happy you're feeling better! I hope the improvement continues for your sake.Wonderful scarf, he looks very happy wearing it. I just hate knitting with those big needles so I try to keep all scarves to a 5mm or less. Of course then they take so long to knit…


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