Do you remember the photograph of the adorable pussy cat I posted a few days ago.

She left us for Rainbow Bridge on Saturday. I knew she was a poorly pussy cat (heart failure and congestion around her lungs) and knew her visit to the vets may well be a one way trip. Thank fully our vet is a practical man and doesn’t shilly-shally around what needs to be done. Which made everything much easier for my hubby and son no.2, this is why I was a little distracted on Saturday morning at quilting, If I’d spoken about it I’m sure I would have leaked quite alot, so it was best that I didn’t. Willow had had a very good 15/16 years for a feral pussy cat and she will be joining her brother Bramble under the Laurel hedge, I will miss her and her adorable pure white paws padding across the breakfast table in search of treats.

And this is where the guilt comes in. (I think guilt is part and parcel of being a mother, there is always something to beat yourself up about)

Last week we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversay.

gorgeous red roses from hubby

and stunning tulips from Noelle, thank you Noelle they were such a wonderful surprise.

On our wedding anniversary we normally have a trip out, this year I wanted to see what the RSPCA had to offer in the way of pussy cats. We have always had more than one pussy cat in our lives and I thought that Willow had looked a little sad and could do with some company. Sadly Willow suddenly became not just old, she became ill and I feel quite guilty about it all, but by Saturday we had spoken to the children and had planned a second visit. So mixed in with my guilt I think that sometimes you just have to say to yourself, that perhaps this is how it was supposed to be.

Anyway to get to the point of my witterings, there were two adorable pussy cats, brother and sister in exactly the same colour markings as Willow and Bramble. And they were being released for adoption on Sunday. Part of the rules of adoption is that the RSPCA have to see the whole family, so come Sunday morning I turf the 18 and 20 year old out of beds at the crack of dawn, (mind you they didn’t require much turfing, they were quite excited), point them towards the shower and we head off three quarters of an hour early just so that we were first in the queue.

We had a successful homecheck today and we pick them up tomorrow.

And to be absolutely honest I am rather glad that we found them when we did. Our home has been very empty without a pussy cat in it for the last few days. In all of our life together this has been the longest few days without a pussy cat in it and I just don’t like it.

I’m looking for knitting names for the pussy cats, hubby came up with Stash and Sable, which made me laugh like a drain..

I’d love to hear your ideas……

One thought on “Bittersweet.

  1. amelia says:

    I think those are lovely names and very suitable!It's so sad when it's time for our pets to leave us. I can't even think about it with out crying. We have lost quite a few in our time because at one point we had eight cats and five dogs. They were all spayed and neutered having been strays when they found us, and we took good care of them all. Our last cat died at the end of 2008 aged 20 and she dies of kidney failure. Our precious Rottie died without warning at the age of eight, no one knows why, he just collapsed and dies and our little dog dies at 16. She just failed. I should stop because I could go on all day!!! We now have four dogs and no cats. All rescued.Your new kitties will help you heal…


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