Eric and Florence.

Our new to us pussy cats seem to be settling in beautifully. Florence particularly loves a warm lap on which to lay whilst enjoying a good ear rub and gently batting yarn and needles with her paws. Eric prefers to lay on a warm lap, enjoy the ear rubs whilst then gently rolling onto his back so as you can give his tummy a tickle, at which point he nearly falls off your lap!

I haven’t had lap cats in my life for a very long time and I’m really enjoying them. They have such wonderfully soft fur, especially Eric’s who should be called Cashmere as his fur is just dreamy.

Meet Florence, her colourings remind me so much of Willow,

Isn’t she adorable.

And then we have Fat Cat, I mean Eric, (the boys named them!) whose only goal in life is to be loved. (and fed) This is him cuddled up on my lap.

I love his markings, I think he is very handsome.

I’m entitling this photo, “There may be trouble ahead”

I’m working on the premise that they will soon realise that they can’t get to the budgies and will become bored.

Although Eric does seem keen to explore all angles.

2 thoughts on “Eric and Florence.

  1. amelia says:

    They are just lovely!! How wonderful that you have given them a great new home.Your budgies are lovely too! They don't appear to be bothered by the cats but I guess they are getting used to them now.We have a twenty nine year old cockatiel whose door is always open. His cage sits on my kitchen counter and he is completely free. He is a bad flier and hits walls all the time when he flies. We went out the other night and when we came back we couldn't find him so my hubby whistled for him and we heard this squawk from the fireplace. He had a feather caught in one of the bricks! We rescued him and he's fine now.The dogs either ignore him or sniff at him. I think they know he's part of the family and therefore not to be eaten!!


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