Without fully describing my religious views, which I think are very private for most people, I thought I would follow the idea my friend Diane had last year, which was not to cast on over lent. I remember her saying it focused her mind and she managed to finish so many of her projects that had been put to one side.

I’ve also mentioned this idea to a few of my knitting friends over the last couple of months, the main response was one of ‘madness and disbelief’ – about me, not them… And so I’ve been wondering whether this was the right idea. So, two weeks ago, I thought I would start early and continue knitting what was on the needles, yesterday I finished knitting my Fletcher, there is much to be done in the finishing but the heavy work is finished. Also I’ve been working on my Lizard Ridge blanket, I find this hurts my wrists and tonight I was tempted, really tempted to cast on a plain vanilla sock, because a vanilla sock is a lovely thing to knit when either you’ve had a bad day, or your aches and pains are particularly bad (mine are dreadful at the moment, the worst I’ve been in months) so you can’t knit heavy or complicated items, or your just really tired and all you want to feel is the soothing aspect of the yarn and the gentle movement of the needles.

There was a discussion with hubby about the rights and wrongs of casting on at this late stage, quickly followed by another discussion with hubby, a walk to the yarn cupboard in the kitchen and a poke around the sock yarn there, a ball of sock yarn was chosen.. and even came back with me into the living room where I started looking for needles. And then I stopped, looked over at hubby and had another discussion with him about what I was doing. And I truly stopped and put everything away.. And I felt good.

Small things, just small things…

5 thoughts on “Lent.

  1. Jo says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about Holly. I left a comment on your last post but it hasn't appeared. I'm also sorry to hear that you've got bad pains at the moment, it can't be easy. Good luck with sticking to the no casting on for Lent.


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Thank you Jo for your very kind wishes, for some reason blogger was hiding your thoughtful comments on my last post, I've found them and added them now. Thank you, your gentle thoughts mean so much in times like this.


  3. fibreclaireUK says:

    I love your Lent idea and that you have been true to your beliefs. I intended to follow suit, then I found some bootee, hat and mitt sets for tiny babies, and I fell at the first hurdle. Can you be my Lenten proxy please? LOLSending gentle zen hugs and a wish for warm dry Spring weather for you.


  4. snoopydog says:

    I think that's a great idea for Lent. I decided not to cast anything non at the beginning of the New Year, until all 2009 WIP's were completed. It worked and felt so good. I didn't feel at all guilty then, when I did begin a new project. Hope you're feeling better soon. Ros


  5. Jo says:

    I have left you an award on my blog. I hope you will accept it, but you are under no obligation to pass it on. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading your blog.


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