I really look forward to one Saturday out of every month, my quilting morning, where my friend Carie and I are making a patch a month to eventually make a quilt out of. I am very new to quilting, Carie has rather more knowledge than I which can be very useful, but if the truth be known we generally end up giggling like school girls after I’ve made yet another error. This Saturday was no exception, it reminds me of my school days where I was once separated from my best friend Mole, due to too much giggling.

But even though we are giggling, we are still working, and we are making very beautiful squares.
(mine is on the left, Carie’s on the right)

These are our first squares which we completed in January. I really like it that even though we chose our materials quite independently of each other and last I’d heard Carie was thinking of greys and pinks, we both have a nice strong red in our colour scheme. You could quite easily have these patches as cushions sitting happily side by side on a sofa. These patches were made using triangles which were made simply by putting two squares of material together face to face and sewing two lines diagonally a 1/4 ” each side of the center diagonal line and then cutting them in half and opening them up. The design is then up to you.

This month a little hand sewing was in order. This is what we are trying to achieve.

We were taught how to make a design called building blocks, as usual I engaged my brain rather late and ironed the freezer paper onto the wrong side of the material! Start again Mandy…. !! I didn’t know freezers had paper! But after a lovely couple of hours spent with very good company, may I present….

(again I’m left, Carie is right)

I’ve spent a lovely couple of hours this afternoon doing a little sewing, I’ve lost the light now, so I think I’ll knit for a while this evening.

6 thoughts on “Patchwork!

  1. snoopydog says:

    That's beautiful! Sooo clever! I really wish I had the time to get to grips with the needle and thread. I do like sewing, but have never attempted quilting. The more I see of this kind of work, the more I wish there were 50 hours in a day :)Have a great week! Ros


  2. amelia says:

    I love to look at needlework of all kinds but there's just not enough time. I have never been good with the needle anyway and think I'll just stick to knitting!!Your square looks very hard to do!!


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