There are some things in life I just don’t understand. And this is one of them.

One evening this week a person or group of people broke into 39 sheds at our allotments. They have caused much damage, we got away lightly with just a broken window, they didn’t manage to gain access to our shed although they have caused damage. If you really want to get into a shed, nothing is going to stop you, you just kick the wall in. Fortunately with our new found glass cutting skills the window was not a problem to us.

But, there are others who have doors ripped off and it has caused some of the older members of our little community much distress. Did they steal? Was it for money? No, nothing was taken, apart from a new wheelbarrow which was recovered at the end of the drive, which leads us to think it may well have been youths.

So it was just for kicks, just to see whether they could.

You wish all sorts of evilness on these individuals when something like this happens.

6 thoughts on “Why?

  1. Jo says:

    It really angers me when I hear things such as this. They don't understand the devestation which they leave behind, or actually they do but they just don't care.


  2. Julie says:

    If there were 39 sheds affected, I'd suspect it was a group rather than one individual. So for kicks, to show who was the biggest/bravest and could smash the most sheds and very probably alcohol induced would be my guess.Either way, it doesn't make it any better or understandable. And the really sad thing is, I don't think you can really do very much about it. 😦


  3. Stasher says:

    So sorry to hear what has happened. It really rocks the members of the allotments. It happened to me more than once. So I can appreciate how you are feeling now.


  4. mandycharlie says:

    Thank you, the people involved that I have seen in the last two days have remarkable stoicism. Along with that there have been people that have been terribly distressed, quickly calmed by what has happened. At least 39 sheds doesn't single you out as a person.


  5. dee says:

    I Know how demoralising it can be when these brainless muppets cause such damage. I had some netting slashed over the winter which made me angry but I soon shrugged off.. It hurt me more last summer when one of my fruit bushes was pulled up and killed..That was unforgivable. I never lock my shed and so far its been untouched. Found the door open a couple of times, though nothing damaged or missing..


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