My long awaited Fletcher.

I bought this yarn probably about two years ago, when I was first learning to knit, it caught my imagination and I had it imported from America when we in the UK had such an excellent exchange rate, seriously it was cheaper to import from the states than to buy in our own shops! Its Noro Iro and we didn’t have colourway 58 available to us in the UK, I loved the drama of it, it really sings to me. And so I kept it for a very long time in my private stash, no one looks at my stash apart from me.. (no one else is interested!) but its mine and I’ve admired it for such a long time, waiting, just waiting until the time was right.

There were three patterns that had caught my attention to knit with this yarn and for about 18 solid months I had not been able to narrow down which would be the best for me and the yarn. For several different reasons I loved all of the patterns and so for that reason and that reason alone I sat and waited, hoping that eventually there would be some guidance.

and guidance there was…

Firstly it was flippin’ cold this winter, certainly much colder than the winters of late, so I narrowed it down to being a coat with a large collar or hood, that narrowed it down to two patterns.

and then, the realisation of how warm a hood might be started to dawn on me. I’m not a hoodie person, in fact, I think the last hooded type garment I wore was a bright red velvet coat with a hood that my Mum made for me when I was 11 to visit London on a day out with the school. I think she was working on the fact that as I was as blind as a bat, that at least if I wandered off people would be able to spot me in a crowd. (I didn’t put any photo’s with my hood up, sorry about that, blame the photographer!, trust me, when I put the hood up, its so snuggly warm, its lovely)

And then I got pneumonia, so very little knitting was practised, well at least for a month or two but just before Christmas I realised which of the patterns was for me. Then disaster struck, I didn’t have enough yarn, you see, I’d bought this yarn when I was first learning how to knit, I had no knowledge, just a passion. So, I searched on Ravelry and found two ladies that had two skeins each of this colourway in the same dye lot. I approached them both, well nothing ventured, nothing gained.

They both came back to me and agreed to sell me their skeins. I was overjoyed, it was the best thing that had happened to me for a long time. So, antibiotics not withstanding (and no alcohol) I cast on, on New Years Eve, I needed something bright and something beautiful and this fit the bill on both counts. I knew that I had skeins winging their way to me from the states and that I would have enough to complete my garment. And I am so glad that I asked both of these ladies, because after I’d colour matched as carefully as I do, I needed two extra skeins just for that purpose. So, thank you ladies I really appreciate what you did.

Can you tell I love it so?

And then there were the buttons to choose, I knew in my mind what would suit my Fletcher, I wanted dark, but not too dark, a rich chestnut toggle, with some design to them, not just plain, some age to them would have been perfect. I looked and I looked and I could not find anything that suited what I was looking for.

And then… I spotted these, well, lets put it this way, there was no hesitation involved at all, they were right (or as good as I was going to find…. anyone with antique chestnut coloured toggles please say Aye!)

they are Knit Picks, Tapered Bar Buttons. Having knit with with Knit Picks Harmony needles I knew how they would look and I knew what the quality would be like, I was not disappointed.

And so the dream, came true…..

8 thoughts on “My long awaited Fletcher.

  1. TeresaNC says:

    Oh my goodness, Mandy, this sweater coat is so lovely!! I think it is so perfect for this yarn and I'm so happy I had a small part in helping it come to completion. The buttons are fabulous! I have these same ones waiting in my stash until the right project speaks for them. Yours are perfect. Very clearly, we both have great taste in yarn and buttons :). This coat is very flattering to you! BTW, is that the Amanda hat you are wearing? It's great and is in my queue to make.


  2. amelia says:

    It's just gorgeous and looks so lovely on you!!When I saw the buttons I thought Knit Picks needles as I have one lonely pair and then you confirmed it!!How do you find a pattern that goes with a particular yarn? I always have it the other way, first the pattern then the appropriate yarn (I'm not very adventurous)!!


  3. Jo says:

    It's lovely and I bet it keeps you toasty warm. I love your buttons too, I think they compliment the coat perfectly. I have to tell you that you have inspired me to get my knitting needles out. I haven't knit anything for over 20 years, but after reading your blog and seeing all the lovely socks you knit I decided to have a go myself. I've made my daughter a pair of socks, but they've been knit on two needles with a seam up the back. I don't think I'm clever enough a knitter to use four needles. My daughter loves them though and I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt at knitting in over 20 years.


  4. beanly says:

    THis came out beautifully!! You did an awesome job. The fit is perfect and it looks great on you. 'Our' yarn is so much happier being part of such a beautiful garment than it was hibernating in my closet. The buttons are a perfect match! I am feeling a bit jealous of those rockin' glasses you're wearing.


  5. Carie says:

    Promise me you will bring it to the next quilting class for me to see in real life, promise! It is beautiful and wonderful buttons and I'm not surprised you're dancing round the moon in happiness


  6. Jenny says:

    What a good start to spring having that lovely coat in your wardrobe. I bet you wear it lots and lots, quite right too it looks amazing and suits you perfectly. Well done.


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