Stained Glass – finished !

Can you tell what it is yet? (said in best Rolf Harris tones for probably the fourth time!)

I do hope you can.
It is a pair of Calla Lilies forever immortalized in glass.
When I first embarked on this stained glass, who would have guessed what a roller coaster of a ride my health would provide for my entertainment. Which is why this has taken such a long time to complete. And to be absolutely honest if it wasn’t for hubby last term, it would still be sat waiting for me, as the recovery from the pneumonia has taken such a long time.
Last I saw of this, I had cut all of the glass and started the leading up process. Hubby has finished the leading up, soldering and cementing. I think he’s done a very lovely job and I thank him for it.
I am very pleased with the sizing. Its nearly perfect apart from an inch at the top, which to be honest is as close as I was going to get. I was rather nervous that it would come out a fraction of an inch too wide, which would have meant taking it all apart and starting again, but, no, its practically perfect, not too bad for a first time at all. Unlike knitting you can’t give it a quick tug to make things fit.
When we had the extension built the builders asked me if I wanted frosted glass for the loo and I politely declined, I just don’t like frosted glass, it just screams ‘this is the loo’ to me. I decided too late that I would have liked a porthole which I had seen. It was made from very old glass and was beautiful, but planning would have been required and the builders had already started work.
Anyway life with children takes over and I dressed the window with pretty material and placed a large money plant that was taken from a cutting of a plant my brother gave to my mother when he was about eight, which is nearly fifty years ago. Fifteen years on, (and the time really has flown, the money plant is still going strong, although I did try to kill it last year by leaving it outside and an unpredicted ground frost got it!) I spied a stained glass window course at my local college.
and I thought, aaaah, that is just what I want, a stained glass window for the loo would be the perfect answer.
It still requires a little bit of polishing up and finding a way of supporting it safely in the window and then it will be done.
The photographs above are taken with and without a flash, I do hope you like them. I’ve carefully chosen certain sections of the glass to replicate how the lily would look in real life, take the stem for instance, its vertically stripy allowing the water to come up and feed the flower. The Stigma of the Lily is always a strong bright yellow as is mine. I’ve carefully chosen the shading of different parts of the flower to replicate what it would be like in real life and I chose the background glass to represent a lovely blue green day, my favourite kind, blue skies and green grass, but merged and swirly.

I also can’t take credit for the full design, it was inspired by another stained glass window I had seen, its my interpretation though.

10 thoughts on “Stained Glass – finished !

  1. Jenny says:

    That is so beautiful, I love the swirly colours, the design and the fact it was a joint effort with your husband. Perfect for a loo or a bathroom, be very proud.


  2. amelia says:

    You are SO clever and talented!!! You just blow me away with all the things you can do!!!I would be happy to be half as clever, but alas, I'm not!I was wondering also where I could get the pattern fro the hoodie you love so much! I would like to try it too. If you don't like that idea, that's fine too and I quite understand!! 🙂


  3. Carie says:

    WOW! That is absolutely stunning – I love the design and the colours are just beautiful. It's perfect and you must be absolutely thrilled and rightly proud of yourself.Are you pressing drinks on everyone who comes to visit so they'll need to visit it in situ?!


  4. TeresaNC says:

    Your window is fabulous!! You are such a great artist and I admire your work greatly. Husband did a great job of finishing it up. Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures of your wonderful art.


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