A very large cat blanket?

Florence thinks so.

So, the story goes like this, I’d finished the 24th square of my Lizard Ridge blanket a few days ago and decided I would photograph this momentous occasion for my blog. I’d laid the squares out on the kitchen table and started to photograph them.

one click, two clicks, three clicks,

Four clicks. Florence lands on the blanket, looking slightly awkward.

She lands, looks slightly awkward and lays down almost immediately. With a “oooooh wool” look on her face. Trust me I know this look.

Just making herself comfy to have a backrub.

“Do be careful Florence, you’ll slip off” As Florence is swiftly falling into a yarn filled trance.

Yep, completely stoned!

Absolutely drugged up the eyeballs with the yarn fumes – Can I have what she’s having?!

Oh Wait, there is a plan.. note the extended paw.

At this point there was a pause and Florence was looking all around her debating her next move.

And then an innocently stretched out cat… or is it ????????

“If I just keep a hold of some of these squares …”

“and pull them towards me…”

“I could have a supa dupa cat bed/blanket/woolly mountain to sleep on”

I was going to say something sensible about the Lizard Ridge blanket, but I think Florence has stolen the show and said it all. I have just over 600g of scraps left, I’m still knitting squares, I’m not sure how big the blanket is going to be when I decide to finish it, only time will tell.

9 thoughts on “A very large cat blanket?

  1. TeresaNC says:

    Oh my goodness, this is hilarious!! The 6th picture is wonderful with her little tongue sticking out as if she's in heaven. I definately want want she's having, lol.Oh, btw, your blankie is fabulous!!


  2. amelia says:

    What a bad kitty!!! This is so funny and so typically 'cat'!! I'm sure that when the blanket is finishes, she will claim it as her own!!It's gorgeous by the way! Can't wait to see it after all the stitching. That's the boring part!!


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