The devil is in the detail.

As some of you may remember I am not casting on over lent. This is proving more difficult than you might imagine. Firstly because I am tired of knitting Lizard Ridge squares, there is beautiful sock yarn calling to me and not least a newly pregnant friend.. (who I am itching to cast on for). There is a summer top that I could continue with as I’ve only started the ribbing, but again its a lace pattern and I have to be in the right kind of mood to struggle with it before it becomes easy to me. And there is a cardigan that needs blocking so that I can sew it up before continuing with the button band, and somehow I’ve lost my knitting mojo for this particular project.

So I was stuck.

When, I was rescued by my monthly quilting class.. This month we were making log cabin squares. I’ve always wondered how these clever little squares came together and now I know.
Carie (otherwise known as Speedy Gonzales – Arriba! Arriba! Andale! Andale! the fastest mouse in all of Warwickshire) sped on and produced this in just two hours..

Impressive isn’t it! Its nearly finished!

Me, well, I’m built for comfort not speed, and I really enjoyed learning how this magical square comes together.

Mine, with quite a way to go.

But the sewing bug had caught a hold of me and wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. So, after a quick consultation of what my promise actually was at the beginning of Lent I realised that it was about casting on, not sewing. Ha, ha, the devil is in the detail, so with a clear conscience and my spirits raised immeasurably, I’ve spent a few lovely hours hand sewing and cheerfully engaged in work at my sewing machine.

Firstly I finished my tumbling blocks, (I always want to call them building blocks for some reason)

They came out quite nice, I can see the errors, but I think I have worked out my mistakes.

Then whilst the instructions were fresh in my mind I finished my log cabin square.

and so I have three squares towards my quilt.

And then the patchwork bug really took hold and I made some squares towards a tote to carry my cutting board in.

I picked up these beautiful fabrics at the Stitch and Creative Craft Show at The Three Counties showground in Malvern. My knitting friends Ronnie, Janice and Janet had very kindly taken me along and I had had a lovely time.

I was practicing my triangles, I like triangles they are fun.

Then I made another log cabin square.

There is something very interesting about the two log cabins. They are cut to exactly the same measurements and both pieced with a 1/4″ foot, but on different machines. They have come out completely different sizes. Obviously its human error (me!) I have seen how to check a 1/4″ seam in several books, I will have to do this just to see how inaccurate I really am.

And then I asked hubby to choose my next square and he chose this.

He liked the tumbling blocks and thinks it would look nice on a bag.

4 thoughts on “The devil is in the detail.

  1. Zannah says:

    I love your choice of colours! As far as getting an accurate 1/4 seam, I've got (a) a1/4 foot for my machine, which made my work more consistent, and I then bought (b) a 1/4 foot with a guide at the side – it's made it all a LOT easier!!!


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