A quilted cushion.

Many moons ago, I made a panel of beautiful patches at my first workshop at The Quilters Den in Warwick called nine patch for beginners. I fully recommend taking a class like this because it gives you the confidence to handle your cutting mat, ruler and ever so sharp rotary cutter. It also shows you how to make pretty triangles. I liked that part the best.

I made this blog post about it in October showing you what I had achieved up to that point. And to be honest I didn’t have the confidence at that time to go much further. I have learned many techniques since then and felt able to complete my cushion cover this weekend. To be absolutely honest – you know me so well, I was also searching for sewing jobs to play with my new toy with.

Eric had to get in on the act, this cushion cover already has a light dressing of cat hairs on it, mainly because the cats thought it was comfy whilst I was trying to finish the binding with hand sewing.

And a pic of it in situ. I love it, these colours just make me break into a great big smile.

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