Flower Power.

Whilst at our quilting class today I happened to notice Carie’s rather pretty Cath Kidston pin cushion. It is funny how the things that you notice or think about tend to form a theme during a certain period of time, whether it be a day or a week. For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking that I need a pin cushion. Not least because when I am hand sewing in the evening I don’t think hubby would appreciate it if I used the leather suit as a place to secure my needle and I have been using whatever garment I have been wearing.

Seeing Carie’s pin cushion today reminded me of the various pin cushions that I had made whilst at Junior school. I was quite blessed, not only did I have a form tutor who was very into crafting and painting, I was lucky in that Mr Davis taught me for two years. We also had extra lessons just on sewing, cooking and woodwork and I seem to remember pin cushions came up in sewing too. Sadly I don’t have any of these pin cushions but I suspect that my mother still has one in her work box which is not dissimilar from Cath Kidston’s flower pot design, – in fact I think she copied me! It was very similar with the use of red felt, the flowerpot shape and flowers (fewer but much bigger) at the top, mine had zigzag tape around the edge of the pot at the top and it would have been stuffed with a pair of my Mum’s old tights, such was the glamor of the crafting world in the middle of the seventies.

And there was another pin cushion that I remember giving to my Nan, which from that moment on was in constant use. I was always quite pleased because she obviously loved it so, I often saw it perched on a side table from where it had been used the previous evening when we visited for morning coffee. It wasn’t very big, but was just right for storing a few pins and the odd needle. I remembered it was a flower with round petals with a solid centre for storing the pins.. and to be honest that was about all I remember.

Okay, Flowers… That would mean circles.

I cut a few circles out of waste materials that I had lying around. You will notice that some of the circles are made up of more than one colour of material, this was just some waste from my cobweb block. (realises hasn’t put up post about cobweb block, makes mental note to remedy)

I used a drinking glass as my template. I cut out ten circles enough for four petals, one centre (which was slightly larger) and one backing.

Made the petals, (I am sure I don’t need to give you all of the instructions)

Then I curled the petals slightly and sewed them to secure the shape at the bottom and sewed those together. I achieved it by sewing opposite petals together and then the other opposites. It was a fiddle to do.

Hemmed the bottom circle and

pulled it together before sewing onto the bottom of my flower. Being careful not to sew the flower petals flat, you need them to still have shape.

and it should look a bit like that. This makes the flower stable and you need that at this stage.

I haven’t got photographs of the yellow ball being formed, mainly because it took three attempts, there was much swearing at one point and when I did look close to success I wanted to sew it down as quickly as possible.

It is the same technique as for the turquoise circle above but this time you need to use a thick thread which is doubled, you need to pack the stuffing in as hard as you can, you pull the thread up as tight as you can and then (and this is most important) you need to wake a sleeping hubby (I’m sorry the cat won’t do, I tried) to put his thumb firmly on your reef knot whilst you secure it and all before your thread snaps and you have to start again.

Whilst I was doing this I realised that the stuffed centre circle needed to be bigger so I tried a larger circle and my results were much better.

And then you should have this (or something like it)

The petals make it perfect for resting on the arms of comfy sofa’s, so it shouldn’t slip off so easily.

and I know there is one person in particular who will be grinning, especially with this shot.

It is almost a carbon copy of a sketch I drew earlier of how I wanted to hand quilt one of my patchwork blocks. Its true, (for me at least anyway) as I said earlier, the things that you tend to notice or think about tend to form a theme during a certain period of time, whether it be a day or a week.

Flower power in action.

One thought on “Flower Power.

  1. Carie says:

    You are definitely flower themed at the moment – but hey, it's Spring and you're clearly taking inspiration from pansies or violas or something. I love the pincushion though – pretty fabric too 🙂


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