7 things.

I picked up the baton over at Diane’s blog to reveal 7 things about my self, here goes!

1. I used to take my comics over to the graveyard across the road from my home to read them whilst sitting on a bench underneath a tree. I’d sit there for hours, everyone knew me and many people would say hello, it was the only way to get some peace and quiet as there were seven of us at home. I always found it one of the most peaceful places to be.

2. I used to regularly climb the walls of Kenilworth Castle, one of which was about 30ft high. All of my friends did it, until one lad broke his arm when he fell and the warden became a bit more alert as to our activities. These days I look at that wall and shudder at the height of it and I have Never admitted this to my boys!

3. My right big toe clicks if I move it in a certain way. I used to drive my twin sister to distraction with this in the middle of the night.

4. I love to play Scrabble, I’m not fantastically good but I enjoy it, sadly I am surrounded by men who are either dyslexic (son no.1), mentally not into words more into maths (hubby) and a boy that if he put his mind to it could be quite good but refuses to play. (son no.2) I tried to play Scrabble online but found that mostly people were cheating. When challenged as to what the word meant that they had put down, they would bluster but not answer the question. I remain frustrated that I don’t have a regular Scrabble partner.

5. I have favourite trees that I always look out for when going down a road/park/motorway. I like to see how they are doing and am deeply affected if I see that they have been cut down.

6. I like to feed the ducks in the Abbey Fields and have got to the stage that I don’t need to borrow a child to feed them. I often don’t bother in the summer as there are enough children around to feed them but when the weather is harsh in the middle of winter hubby and I often trot over to feed them half a loaf of bread.

7. My dirty food secret is Mr Kiplings French Fancies, especially the yellow ones that taste of lemon. I think they have the right ratio of cake, icing and butter cream and are just the ticket to brighten a Sunday evening.

If anyone would like to pick up the baton, be my guest.

3 thoughts on “7 things.

  1. Becky says:

    I have made Scrabble a ritual for the past year. I put it on my iPod and play the computer every night in bed or while I wait for things. Every once in a while I play it on Pogo.com, against the computer or against real players. My preference tends to be playing the computer. It's great to keep the mind in shape.


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