I knew as soon as the first folds came together in the shape of a flying goose that I was done fore. I knew when I let out a silly giggle when the first row of geese came flying past that I was falling and falling incredibly fast into a powerful love affair.

And I knew when I finished the final seam and turned my block over to view my work and literally gasped with delight. It took my breath away.

And I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these folded flying geese since. I am in love with them.

Fortunately for me, I had gathered a few metres of fabric that another lady had kindly destashed in my direction, which I had fully intended to make Son no.2 a quilt for University. So on Monday I showed my son this fully completed block and asked him if he would like a quilt made with this design. The split seconds that I was waiting for an answer were the longest I’ve ever known. He likes it and said yes, it would be nice.

So I have been washing and drying old fabric, cutting many, many squares, 240 2″ x 2″ 120 31/2″ x 2″ etc etc. And this is just for six blocks. Interestingly you can just about get six blocks out of 2 metres of fabric. (1 metre light and 1 metre dark)

And after working for many hours and getting up at 3.30 a.m. this morning to sew until straight through until 10 a.m. you have this.

This is six blocks worth, I am just in the process of choosing a central fabric, I am not sure if I have anything that will suit. Which may mean another trip to the fabric shop, oh the trials I have to endure, shocking it is, shocking.

And of course if you give in, in any way to your obsessions, especially if you live with male offspring, you end up with this.

I am off for a shower, I’ll tackle it after that.

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