Gifts from the Orient.

Do you remember Lucy? ( Son no.1’s first love.) I still speak quite often to her, mainly at three in the morning on Facebook when another night has been disturbed and she asks me why I am up. We often have deep and meaningfuls at that time in the morning as you may imagine.

Well, she has a new beau and he is looking after her and she is very happy. He recently took her to China, how fabulous is that. On her exciting adventures many photo’s were taken of her wearing the hat and scarf I knit for her, especially when she visited Ice City. She later told me they really saved her life as she was absolutely frozen.

And she came home with gifts for me. Which was a wonderful surprise and I was tickled pink by her thoughtfulness. Fancy thinking about little old me when your having a wonderful time in China, but think about me she did.

One of the presents she gave to me is a beautiful, light as a feather silk scarf, it truly is beautiful. I am saving it for special occasions.

And then I opened another present to discover a very beautiful blue bag. Perfect I thought, I just need a bag for taking my sock knitting around in and that will fit the bill beautifully.

So I opened it and found this.

and then I opened that and found this.. and then I started giggling. It was like the Russian dolls of bags. It was fabulous and such Fun.

and then I opened that and found this….

and my giggling was becoming louder

and then I found the tiniest of bags. (which will be perfect for my sewing notions)

And at that point I was just giggling my head off, it just tickled me completely. So a strange woman sat on her own in the living room giggling at bags.. No wonder my sons don’t understand me.

They are such wonderful presents. Thank you Lucy.

6 thoughts on “Gifts from the Orient.

  1. Judith says:

    What a beautiful and thoughtful present. Sitting on the living room floor giggling to yourself seems perfectly normal behaviour to me; although I suspect my sons wouldn't agree!!


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