Such a lovely weekend.

If a little exhausting, actually I am still recovering, I am absolutely worn out.

On Saturday I went to a local meet up of the Warwickshire Quilters, which was a meeting of all of the quilting groups in Warwickshire. I believe this event happens about once a year. I had only intended popping in for an hour just to find out about our local quilting group and where they met, I stayed for the whole day! I was made to feel very welcome and I am very much looking forward to seeing the ladies that I met at the next meeting.

The ladies above all followed the same instructions, the centre of their quilts had to be made with diamonds and the next border had to have a block’s on the corners and so the instructions go on. Its very interesting to see how their quilts have developed and how they are so very different to each others.

I loved the colours of this quilt, the quilter thought that perhaps it was a little bright, I didn’t think so. I loved the use of her black which really makes the colours come alive.

and this very beautiful quilt made by Sue Cook has been published in the magazine Patchwork & Quilting as a tutorial, part 5 is in May’s edition. It is even more beautiful in the flesh, I am so glad that I have seen it.

Having gone to bed very early and slept late hubby felt that I could do Wonderwool. I had been saying that it was too far for ages, but he was game and although I was nursing a cold, I thought well I can sit and sniffle at home or I can do it in a car, so I dozed myself up, tissues at the ready.

The Black Mountains on the way up.

We arrived at 1.30 p.m. so I had just enough time to go around the stalls once. I thoroughly enjoyed it, one would think I would have bought lots but I only bought some Noro for my blanket and a few buttons.

I met old friends and new, especially one lady, *waving to Jenny* who came over to say hello because she recognised me from reading my blog. She was lovely and said how much she enjoyed reading my blog, it made me feel all pink. I couldn’t wait to tell my boys when I got home, honestly its been such a buzz. I told her I’d love it if she said hello on my blog, fingers crossed.

We followed the River Wye for many miles, such a stunning river, I would love to spend an afternoon relaxing by it.

So beautiful, maybe next time.

And then we wandered slowly home looking for somewhere to eat and stopped in Stratford upon Avon for a bite to eat before coming home and hitting the sack.

7 thoughts on “Such a lovely weekend.

  1. Jo says:

    It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. The quilting group sound like a friendly bunch, it must be nice to be in company with like minded people.


  2. Diane says:

    Hope the colds lifted – Ive had it too – perhaps we caught a blogging “virus”!!! That sounds like a lovely weekend – loved your story about the bluebells – your mother sounds like mine!!!! As Peter Kaye says, if its not one thing, its your mother!!!!


  3. Jenny says:

    Those quilts are fantastic and I love the fact your photo shows the Pope, I believe that's who it is, looking extremely impressed, so he should be. Hope you are on the mend.


  4. amelia says:

    I hope your cold is getting better! Those quilts are stunning!!!! Oh how I'd love to be able to do things like that!!The scenery where you live is quite beautiful.


  5. Carie says:

    I loved Wonderwool last year and we seriously thought about going on Sunday but it was just too much driving on top of Cumbria – I'm glad it was so much fun 🙂


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