Phone sock’s

It all started when son no.1 came home with a ridiculously expensive brand new phone. (that is mine in the photographs, it costs me about thirty quid a year to run and its ever so old) Anyway, I could see it was a precious object to him so I knit him up a phone sock which he was really pleased with. (I don’t have a photo of that, he’s never around for long enough to grab it off him, wash it and then photograph it)

The next day he went to work and when he took his phone out of his pocket, well, the phone sock caused a little bit of a stir. There were lots of questions about where he had got it from and bearing in mind he is mainly surrounded by chaps, it was the chaps that were the most interested. I immediately had many orders, I had to calm son no.1 down and say actually I don’t want to knit phone socks for the rest of my life. (Well, I would if I was paid a living wage, but you know how these things go) But, I will knit one for the engineer that is teaching you this year, which is this one.

And he was tickled pink by it.

And then son no.1 sort of promised one of the receptionists a phone sock. As I was in the middle of several projects I kept putting it off, but I decided to get it out of the way yesterday and I’ve made her something that I hope she likes.

I am quite pleased with the flower.

I dread to think how many order’s he’s going to come home with tomorrow.

And son no.2 has just told me this evening that he was talking about my handmade socks at sixth form and two of his friends have requested a pair each. Thanks for that love…

Edited to add, the flower was not of my own invention. It was late when I posted and I should have referred you to whom the designer was, apologies.

This lovely flower was thought up by Susan b Anderson and is published in her book Itty-Bitty Nursery as Pacifier Clips:Flowers. She has a full tutorial on her blog

4 thoughts on “Phone sock’s

  1. Jenny says:

    Yes I love the flower sock too. I hope you are charging for them, why not. I don't suppose any of the people in the office would be up for doing a bit of work for you for free.


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