Giveaway prize winning today.

Sorry there are no photo’s I’m in the middle of patchworking.

I wrote your names down onto paper, cut them out and picked one out of the proverbial hat. (actually I placed them onto the desk and closed my eyes, rummaged them around a bit and picked one)

Amelia your the lucky winner, well done. Hopefully you’ll leave a message for me with your email on it. (don’t worry I won’t publish it) and we can exchange addresses and you can tell me your favourite colours so I can choose a skein of Wollmeise for you.

Mandy surveys the other presents she has bought and wonders how much this is going to cost to get to the states….

edited to add.

Where are my manners, Thank you everybody for taking part. I really enjoyed reading everybodys stories about there first memories of there favourite fruits and vegetables. It was very good fun.

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