Hot Isn’ t it?

It’s even too hot to knit. But knitting I am, because babies don’t wait!

So I wish to record that I have been knitting on the hottest day of the year so far and this day that we lost a football match to Germany – although when that was happening I was wandering around a nearly deserted John Lewis in Solihull looking at Wool and Kenwood Chefs. Sadly my Kenwood which has seen continuous service since 1953 seems to be on its last legs, its losing oil regularly which apparently is a very bad thing (hubby did explain it to me in detail a few weeks ago, but I am female and not in any way an engineer, the details have long since flown out of my head) so I keep teasing myself by looking at new models and then gasping for air at the price.

I did buy some lovely Rowan Extra Fine Merino DK in colours that I adore, and, you know I said that I wasn’t to buy much this year, well hubby paid! (I’m not quite sure how I managed that one, but I’m still smiling about it)

Getting back to the knitting, I can’t give too many clues away, as the mum to be is a regular reader of my blog, I might photograph a tiny piece soon just to tease her with it….

I’ve also managed to finish son no.2 size thirteen UK feet which are very wide. We would have called them the size of dustbin lids, I expect that saying will age me as these days we use recycling bins.

These are knit in Wollmeise 100% Merino Superwash in the colourway Amazonas. I cast on 68 stitches and knit with 2.5mm needles.

I actually knit them far too long and pulled them back again, but I’m still not sure that they are absolutely right, they could be just a little bit long.

Although when the boy stands up, you can see how his feet spread, (the previous two photographs were taken when he was sitting down) and that seems to take up the excess.

He loves them.

Oh, and the Strawberry Sprite seems to have found his way back to my home, I must have looked after him very well last year. He has been leaving me little gifts of fragrant strawberries still warm from the plot.

3 thoughts on “Hot Isn’ t it?

  1. orchidlover says:

    love the socks. I agree with you on the weather. I need the rain as I'm getting fed up of having to water the garden every day. My poor plants are looking very sorry for themselves. Love and hugs Gina xxx


  2. amelia says:

    I thought my hubby was going to have a heart attack yesterday when the England goal was disallowed!! Really bad on the part of the linesman and ref!!It is almost too hot to knit but at least I can turn on the A/C for some relief.Love the socks and while I was looking at the pictures I was hoping they either your husbands or sons legs and not yours!! 🙂 I shouldn't say that because mine look like that right now, better fix that!!I can't wait for some warm strawberries from the field. We don't have our own but there are fields around where we can pick. I really must get out there!!


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