The most perfect of days.

Sometimes in life you just have the most wonderful day when you are least expecting it. Unfortunately there are no photographs of this day, so your just going to have to rely on my narration – which to be honest often leaves a lot to be desired, but I’ll try my best.

My allotment and knitting pal Marie was having a little party at her plot on the allotments of which I attended rather late, having the knitting group and a hubby to look after. (hubby is a poorly boy, nothing terribly serious just an odd temperature and a course of antibiotics) I wandered up to the plots thinking, ‘well Marie has probably gone home’, but Marie was just wandering down the main path with a group of women, some of which already knew me, some of which I was introduced as P’s daughter, so they know me now. *wink* (Mum line dances twice a week – it was foremost a party for the line dancers)

Having spent a lovely morning with my knitting group I was already in a very relaxed state of mind, so wandering up to her plot and this on such a balmy day was absolutely blissful.

We had tea and home made asparagus and cheese quiche and slices of a home made sausage roll (which was incredible because it had cheese in and lots of other ingredients, I’ve been promised the recipe) and lots of other treats, including freshly picked (as in just picked off the plant, I watched Marie pick them) strawberries dipped in a cold rose wine.

I got there just before two and I eventually departed at seven, five hours of contented bliss, with nibbles and tea and wine sat under a Pussy Willow looking outwards to a well tended plot engaged in good conversation. When I say good conversation you know it will mean chatter about plots, plants, muck, homemade compost and knitting! Well of course there was also chatter about children and grandchildren, husbands, parents, places we have lived and of course many other topics that women engage in. It was absolutely blissful.

Highlights of the day (allotmenteers will understand this) giggling over the pee bucket and using it, – hers is much taller than mine, it’s made me rethink my pee bucket which is rather low, the story about how the frogs had died in Marie’s pond due to the very harsh winter and her (in vivid detail) sorting this out.. I won’t repeat this it was far too graphic, but let us say I was rockin’ and rollin’ in my chair from laughter… stories were exchanged about how we both run away from the chap(s) that are very keen to know us.. (females are still quite rare on the plots) and best of all was when Marie showed me photographs of her previous plot in Birmingham, I was in awe, such a lovely place to be, it had everything including a beautiful, large, building that people could meet in, it would be so lovely to have that.

As I say, this was the best of days.

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