The boy did good.

Son no.2 had his A level results on Thursday, they were not as one had hoped but even so he has managed to secure a place for a foundation year in a University of his choice on Mechanical Engineering. We are very pleased, especially after the news last night where they told us that there are 150 thousand students who did not manage to get a University place this year. All I have ever wanted in my life is to bring up our boys as decent honest men along with that they are capable of finding a career which they will be happy in and are then able to support themselves and possibly a family.

To say we as a family were rather stressed in the build up is an understatement. And then the day before hubby had a car accident, he’s okay but its written off our beloved Mercedes, which was a lovely car. The chap was a ‘scrap metal dealer’ in a white truck who rather abruptly put his vehicle into reverse and rammed it into hubby’s car. We have since found out that the registration was for a Reliant Robin (if anyone remembers those) and the police are very interested in this.

So I am still waiting to go to the quilt show which I bought tickets for, son no.2 is pestering for me to finish his quilt.. which is a complete about turn because he did become just a little bit sniffy about it at one stage.

And me, well I have cast on something soothing.. I promise I will sew next week.

5 thoughts on “The boy did good.

  1. orchidlover says:

    Congratulations to your son. It must have been a worrying time. I'm sorry about your car but at least your hubby wasn't injured. There was a piece on the news this morning about scam crashes, where someone deliberately crashes into you so they can claim injury damages from you. Perhaps the guy was trying that. Love and hugs Gina xxx


  2. Jo says:

    You must be over the moon with your son, many congratulations to him. I can imagine how stressed you all were beforehand, but how pleased you must be that he's got in to the uni of his choice. My son will be taking his GCSEs next year so I've got it all to come. Glad to hear your hubby wasn't injured in the crash but sorry to hear about the car.


  3. amelia says:

    I'm glad your hubby was OK that's the important thing. I'm sure the guy who backed into you was not honest and the authorities will find out in which way.Congrats to your son, that must have been a nerve wracking wait!!


  4. Jenny says:

    The boy did indeed do good, and will grow up to be a decent honest person unlike the guy with the van. You do right to cast on something, doesn't do to dwell on these things.


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