Festival of Quilts 2010

We woke up relatively early today and trundled along to the Festival of Quilts at the NEC, which we are very lucky to live just a short drive away from. I have never been to this festival before so I was just a little bit giddy about seeing one thousand quilts.. or so the chap who took our tickets told us so.

I headed for the shopping first, after saying farewell to hubby whilst he enjoyed coffee, (he will take me anywhere if there is good coffee) I don’t have any photographs of my purchases, its a little bit dark as I type this, but I did buy a rather nice flannel quilt kit, which is so soft and pretty and in colours I love.

A little while later I picked up hubby and we wandered around the quilts, so many, so much to choose from.

The winner from the traditional quilts was Pauline Ineson.

I will show you just one of her squares (not least because I don’t think its completely fair for others to copy)
and this one is spectacular.

the whole quilt was just stunning.

Personally I love traditional quilts, I am no artist but there were a few quilts in the artistic section that really caught my eye.

Not least because we had obviously left a window open this morning,

Winston, what are you doing here, fly home immediately.

Then there was a lovely jazz band to sooth our tired feet.

It was the colours and movement that caught me standing stock still, whilst gawping at this piece of work. Absolutely stunning.

Next this completely caught my eye. Such a simple but complicated piece, I am not an artist or artist reviewer but I think this piece should be in the Tate. I cannot even try to express the words how I feel about it, everything in harmony which managed to construct individual clothes pegs, it wasn’t muddy at all, extremely clear and all with delicate shades of material.. Stunning.

A close up, even in close up with a flash it still looks spectacular.

I came home via Mother as I’d bought her a couple of balls of yarn that she has recently taken a fancy to.

And lo, my twin nieces were visiting.

They had made this scarecrow in a recent visit, I’d like to be able to say her name but on three counts it was different. Those with an astute eye will notice the scarfs that the girls have knitted for their bears after having taken a lesson from me some months ago. They both say they like knitting – a quiet hurrah could be heard from the knitting elves.

Then son no.1 came and picked me up. I think he was mortified when I asked him to put his arms around the girls, although they giggled immensely.

And then Dad came to inspect the furor that was going on, so I took a quick snap of him.

Such a lovely day, so few and far between.

8 thoughts on “Festival of Quilts 2010

  1. Carie says:

    Sounds like it was another wonderful festival – I decided I'm just too pregnant now to enjoy that much walking and that many people so I'm scouring the internets for everyone's photos – I like the jazz band quilt – definitely my colours!


  2. Angie says:

    I was there at the festival too, I would have loved to have chatted with you, never mind… it was such a huge event, I missed loads of people.Might you be going to the quilty day at kenilworth on October 2nd?


  3. Diane says:

    Those quilts look amazing!! Re; your previous and very heartfelt post – glad your son got into his foundation year – its awful for them this time isnt it. My daughter managed to get what she needed – so we were thankful of this. Its going to be more stress when they finish and there are no jobs for them! xxxxx


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