When the mice are away…

the she cat will play!

My eldest boy has gone off on his travels to Devon for the week, and obligingly stripped his bed. Apart from missing him terribly (and if you’ll believe that you’ll believe anything!) a plan slowly formed in my mind.

I gathered together my blocking wires and my crumbled and rather wet scraggy piece of knitting and entered his room. And paused. Of course he hadn’t tidied his bedroom so it was a little like playing a game of islands, lakes and crocodiles my sister and I used to play as I made my way to his bed. Fortunately I was quite good at that game and managed to arrive without a twisted ankle. (must have words with son about crockery and glasses, dirty washing and oh that’s where most of my towels are!)

I started to lay out the rather crumpled rag that was before me. It took a while but slowly, it came into shape. And soon, I had a rather beautiful garment before me that looked rather like,

a beautiful moth. (the photography is not how I would wish – the colours are more vibrant in true life)

A moth with dusty greens, greys, limes and purples which even though you may be a yarn stasher you cannot but admire the beauty of such a delicately winged creature of the night.

I’ve rather enjoyed this pattern which was Multnomah by Kate Flagg and the reason it is knitted is that I started a pair of socks but decided that the sock yarn – Sheeppaints Sock’n Go in Tulip- was far too pretty to be hidden by shoes.

and although it was meant for Christmas.. I may have to give it earlier, because my mother is a moth in human form. She may be in her mid seventies but on nights out when abroad, my folks go out at ten and come home at two! And looking at the photographs that various people publish on facebook! she always looks as pretty as the most delicate of moths or butterflies. And I am hoping this rather pretty shawl may keep the chill off as they walk back to their apartment.

I have no idea where there stamina comes from, one can only guess that it was from raising five children whilst working hard.

And about that boy, I do miss him, I may ring him for the second time shortly.

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