Pretty pictures of mums shawl and the blocking curse.

First of all I will show you all the pretty pictures that I took earlier in the day of mum’s shawl.

I took the shawl around to Mum and she loves it. I am so pleased.

And now to wonder about the blocking curse I and my son seem to have brought upon us. You see the last time I used his bed to block an item, just as soon as I had my beautiful cardigan laid out to how I wanted it, and my hubby and I were just about to settle ourselves into some very high end theatre seats my mobile rang to say my son needed to come home. Sadly he and his girlfriend had parted and we picked up a rather wet rag of a son at something silly o’clock from the train station.

Fast forward 18 months, son no.1 decides to go on holiday with a college friend. “Ha, ha” says his mother, “I can use his bed to block the shawl on, surely the same thing cannot happen twice” Seriously I actually thought about it.

And after a very disturbed night last night involving dreams of train stations and not being able to find my way into Birmingham New Street and weird dreams about a dilated pupil and black eye…. My son rings me shortly after nine, very upset, saying he wants to come home, he had fallen out with his friend last night, who had grabbed my son by the throat and punched him with full force in the face. Why? Because the girl who was prettier out of the two that they had got chatting to, was quite taken with my son and his friend had decided that she was his. (I don’t know I don’t understand male testosterone at the best of times) Suffice it to say that my son did not throw any punches and packed his bags that night.

We sorted him out (although I am still quite emotional about it all) and picked him up from Birmingham New Street and yes he does have a black eye. Although his eyesight does look normal, I shall get him to go to the opticians tomorrow for a checkup.

There is a blocking curse on that bed… And I have no idea how to break it!

5 thoughts on “Pretty pictures of mums shawl and the blocking curse.

  1. Jo says:

    First of all, I have to say that your shawl looks beautiful in the sunlight. As for your son, I'm sure that his eyesight will be fine but best to be on the safe side and get it checked out. I think he did the right thing leaving his 'friend' to get on with it and coming home.


  2. mandycharlie says:

    Thank you very much for your kind comments, my son's eyes appear fine (thank goodness) and because his spectacles are not as sturdy as they were, (they were knocked clean off his face with the blow) I've sorted him out 'financially' to buy a pair of specs. Well thats what mums do. At least he's not at the age where I am buying him shoes every three months!But most of all, he seems okay with it all. Which is all any of us can hope for our offspring.


  3. Becky says:

    That shawl is gorgeous! I'm glad your son is doing all right. What a nasty thing for his friend to do. Sounds like your need one of those great big blocking boards — just in case!


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