Windows! talk to me about windows or should I say double glazing.

The time has come that we need to look at replacing our windows. For two reasons really, we have steel window frames which have a wooden surround which on most windows is screaming to be replaced as they are rotten. But also because of the nature of single glazed steel windows, the mold collects very rapidly and one wonders whether that didn’t help the two bouts of pneumonia I suffered last winter and the one my husband did.

So, three major double glazing companies later… and one to follow tomorrow. (this is not my idea of fun on how to spend a weeks holiday with one’s hubby)

Its seems extremely difficult to say to these chaps these things.

1. Please don’t ring your boss for the discount, just give us your best price first time.

2. If I say I have an appointment, I don’t expect you to dilly dally and tell me all the benefits I will get by becoming a showhome, (really have you seen the state of the drive and the garden?!) and the credit agreement with a bank I’ve never heard of, and yes you will be kicked out after 1 3/4 hours because I will make that appointment.

3. Please don’t deny that it is a spiel. I am far to long in the tooth as is my hubby that we simply recognise a salespersons techniques.

4. Why? If we take credit, is it cheaper by several thousand pounds rather than paying by cash. (I really don’t understand that one)

There was only one thing for it, I’ve taken to knitting whilst they talk. Well it was that or gin!

To be honest they have been really nice blokes, (in the same way that politicians are when looking for your vote, although the first one was a bit too sleazy) but they just don’t seem to understand that I just want a quote, and a look at your product and it will go into the pot with the others and then we will make a decision. And if you can drop the price by ‘several thousand of our english pounds’ with one phone call, somehow you loose your credibility.

Its double glazing, not rocket science. – although they would beg to differ. All three so far have said that they are the largest double glazing firm in the country.. yawn.

Has anyone got similar experiences? Did you or your friends ever find a company that they were happy with both the quality and financially.

5 thoughts on “Windows! talk to me about windows or should I say double glazing.

  1. Jo says:

    Saying that they're the largest double glazing firm in the country would put me right off. I've found that I get much better prices, not to mention service, from local firms who still give a personal service. We had our windows replaced a few years ago and went with a local firm. They gave the best price and brilliant service.


  2. orchidlover says:

    I feel for you. We went through the same a few months ago. By the way the reason the credit price is cheaper than the cash price is becasue the credit company give the firms a commision for every credit agreement they get. This gets taken off the price of the windows. We took out a credit agreement and then paid it all off on the second month. That way we got the cheaper price.By the way we went for Anglian WIndows and I have no complaints about my windows. They two workmen only took one and a half days to replace all my windows and the front door. They cleaned up after themselves aswell, even doing theh vaccuuming. Love and hugs Gina xxx


  3. QuiltSue says:

    Go local! That's my tip. A couple of years ago we had a conservatory built (actually we had 2 as my father lives next door and also had one) and did the 3 quotes thing. The one we chose was the local one who were a bit more pricey, but we thought we'd get better service. We did. Gues who we then went to when we wanted to replace our wooden-framed windows? and when we wanted our soffits and fascias? Great service, good price, and they're very nearby if you should have a problem.


  4. amelia says:

    Luckily for us, my hubby does all the window replacing around here because he's a contractor and can do these things!! Consequently, we never have to deal with these people but I can't stand salesmen in general who give such a hard sell. If we are in a store and someone walks right up and asks if we need help, I will walk right out. They don't seem to understand the concept that if we need help, we will ask for it!!!!


  5. Jenny says:

    I'd agree with the go local. We replaced our windows in Italy and used the joiner in the village, absolutely excellent and he left us all the old timber for our wood burner. Bit too far for him to come and fit yours though.


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