A little something for a lovely friend.

At last I can reveal the counting to six post. You see one of my lovely friends is (and I hope I’m not revealing too much) is just about to undergo a stage in her life that is not very pleasant. It played on my mind, I love her so, and wanted to send my best of all best wishes to her.

I realised I wanted to give her something lovely and soft along with something that would keep her warm and comfortable in her darkest of days, along with cheering her up to bring her gently to her usual sunny position.

I’d found a pattern for a shawl that I had just knit for my Mum, but I wanted it bigger and warmer and in colours that I knew she would adore.

So at some silly o’clock time in the morning, I started to talk to people on Ravelry and sure enough there are people as insomniac as me, and I had a starting point, I looked at the yarn’s suggested and quickly found a yarn. What happened was the choice I was looking at sent me giddy with delight, the colours were perfect for what I had in mind. Credit card in hand, the deed was done by four a.m. and I went back to bed, dreaming dreams about how pretty it would all be. (or how one hoped it would be)

Sure enough Fyberspate Scrumptious DK in colourway Blue Lagoon arrived within a couple of days and I cast on. I’ve been chugging away at it ever since, hoping I would get it finished in time. I did, just.

On Monday I finished knitting Multnomah by Kate Flagg and set about washing it (the advise is that there will be bleeding from this yarn, keep rinsing until it runs clear) gently softening it, spinning it (ooh ahh – but I needed it to dry that day) and using my blocking wires.

Son no.2 helped. He was very good actually, in a manly technical sort of way.

It certainly made life easier to have two involved.

And I might add he picked up any errors in blocking I was making.

Not bad for a boy who refuses to knit. We were both pleased with how it was blocking.

And then I didn’t catch chance to photograph it in sunlight, so boy no.1 came into action..

He is almost like a blue moth,

just unveiling itself whilst its wings become firm enough to fly.

Fly, fly away, enjoy the the moonlit wonders of the night.

I wrapped it carefully last night and gave my friend this gift today, I think she was very happy, which makes me glad.

One fiber cuddle just ready to be stroked and wrapped warm in, accomplished.

2 thoughts on “A little something for a lovely friend.

  1. Carie says:

    The shawl is beautiful but I'll admit to being most impressed by the corruption of sons 1 and 2 into blocking assistants and shawl models – I now have a new parenting aim (in a few years time!)


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