A star is born (well, not quite!)

Firstly we are all waiting for this little star to be born,

I think Mum is doing wonderfully well at coping with the tardiness of her baby and the sheer level of pains and aches when your 9 1/2 months pregnant! On a positive note Mum was able to come to patch working this weekend which was an unexpected gift and we all had a good giggle at just how big Mum was. Fortunately she giggled with us and has allowed me to post this picture so you too can see how big the bump is and perhaps have a little giggle with us – or those who are pregnant their knees might go a little bit weak!

We are all sending positive thoughts for a quick and speedy delivery and next time I see her she will have a baby mewing in her arms.

Onto the patch working, we worked on Anita’s star (as named by Carie and carried on by Mandy)

Which is amusing as we both chose the dark red for the same pieces,

and Jackie’s which will be fun with her lovely bright sunflowers.

I’ve sewn it together and I can see many faults with it in the morning light, which will mean I will be ripping some of the seams to resew them to try and get a better result, so this star hasn’t been born yet either.

But I have other news. I have been trying to catch up on some of my other patches. One of which is called Roman Stripes.

and last night, I made this. Which is truly awful, here’s a close up.

I have no idea what I have done wrong. But there is no way that is going into my quilt as it is. I could start completely again, but bearing in mind that this square has been sat in my bag for quite a while I was worried that the redoing wouldn’t happen. So I undid one seam and turned it around and came up with this.

Which is not in anyway as pretty as what I was trying to achieve, but it doesn’t show any major errors and once it is in the quilt it will be fine. But there will always be a small part of me that is annoyed that I didn’t manage to complete a Roman Stripe patch properly, so watch this space because I will try again when I next have a moment to play. I am playing catch up on quite a few projects at the moment, not least son no.2 has decided he would like the quilt to go to University with – eek!, after Thursday I will will be working on that constantly.

3 thoughts on “A star is born (well, not quite!)

  1. Carie says:

    I'm huge!!! Oh well, not long now.I think your block still counts as Roman stripe, just different to mine, and I've no idea what you did differently to make it turn out how it did, but the second version is much prettier!


  2. amelia says:

    Can't wait to see the finished quilt!!Also, I hope that baby makes it's entrance very soon! Poor pregnant lady!!! Can we assume from the comments that it's Carie? All the best to you Carie!!


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