Scotch Eggs, diet, what diet.

As some of my local readers are aware due to the steroids and in not anyway the extra cake I have put on a considerable amount of weight in the last year. The time had come where it was buy a whole new wardrobe full of clothes or bite the bullet. I don’t lose weight very quickly so I won’t wow you with my weight loss.

But I will wow you with this.

Diet Food.

Scotch eggs before going in the oven,

and after. Yum, yum, yum.

Actually I was stuffed and had to save a scotch egg for later, what with the jacket potato with it as well. And how is this trickery performed I hear you ask. For one scotch egg you need one sausage of the be good to yourself ‘extra lean’ Cumberland, one egg, an extra egg beaten up to dip the scotch eggs in and then 1 oz of breadcrumbs will do four scotch eggs and some spray light and pop in the oven. And this adds up to less than one syn per scotch egg. (if your going by slimming worlds) its surprisingly low in calories and very filling. Which is exactly what a girl needs when she is trying to lose the weight.

2 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs, diet, what diet.

  1. amelia says:

    I know how hard it is to lose weight and I hope you succeed where I always fail!!I tried to make Scotch eggs for my hubby one time and failed miserably. I couldn't get the sausage meat to hold together. I'm sure you know what I was doing wrong!


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