1st hat of the winter.

As you all know, I have a bare bonce, and therefore my scalp feels the first finger like shivery caresses of autumn. I often shiver at the early part of September but what with a late summer and the odd warm day it seems too early to don a cozy warm hat, no matter how much I want to. October comes, and I feel very cool quite often, but I wait, as much as I can.

You see, there is one thing to be bald in public, but its quite another to be donning woolly hats in weather others might deem to be quite warm, they may still be in long shorts. It just means I receive even weirder looks and comments, (and yes, the public isn’t quite as friendly as you might imagine) than is usual.

And at this point I start to dress in warmer clothes, its the only reason I started to knit. I wanted to feel warm, with woolly items about my person, I needed to feel warm because I simply don’t have any hair, anywhere.. And that hasn’t changed.

Recently on a trip to Birmingham I found Silk Twist Rowan in a colour I will love, Ruby caught my eye.

I didn’t particularly like it on the ball, it didn’t look like it was ever so lovely but then I saw a garment knitted up with it, and instantly fell in love. I then hovered around the balls of Silk Twist until one particular colour caught my eye with which to make a woolly hat. It was Ruby 668, my friends most probably completely understand the colours that haunt my soul.

I used the pattern of Seaman’s Cap but I used the next needle size up. so. 4.5 and 5.00 and the size down from my head which would have been the largest to the middle size head. I felt that this yarn would be lovely and soft at that needle size and if the needle size were smaller it wouldn’t allow the yarn to be everything it could be – warm and soft and snuggly.

Fortunately I was right, it is warm and gorgeous and snuggly, pretty with a hint of tweedyness, which I also love. As I said to a good friend earlier, it is yum, there are so many factors about this yarn that I love. The silk and the merino twisting into tweediness, the brightness of the silk, the warmth of the merino and the slight haze of the mohair, which feels warm and cozy. It could almost make one giddy and when one wears it on a bald bonce, trust me it does… I will be buying more of this yarn, it is yummy. Depending on how this wears as a hat I am seriously considering sweater quantities.

So, photo’s to follow…

Isn’t that hat yummy.

And because my hubby is a rat bag and always takes photo’s just for fun, here are the outakes. Mandy at her finest!

Enough to frighten the children with!

4 thoughts on “1st hat of the winter.

  1. orchidlover says:

    It's great. I completely understand about the hat situation in summer. I suffer with Neuralgia and it is brought on by a strong wind on the side of my face. I often wear a hat in the summer just in case. I also suffer with cold hands so wear wollen glaves all year round. I'm used to the weird looks and comments now. Love and hugs Gina xxx


  2. Stasher says:

    You look very coordinated with the jumper….can see what a great pattern this, and also the yarn is purlescent in the autumn sunshine. Hope you will be modelling this along the main street.


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