Bits and bobs.

I have been tardy about updating my blog of late, mainly because of lack of will. Apologies.

I finished my *summer* top a few weeks ago, just when the weather turned colder. Also its a little bit snug, what with the steroids I’ve been on for over a year the weight has galloped on. I have the metabolic rate of a slug, hey ho, lets hope slimming world does me some good.

It is pretty and I have high hopes for it next summer.

So may I present Amaya which also needs a light blocking, made from Rowan Bamboo Tape (bought from Kemps at a ridiculously low price) in Amethyst.

Thank you to the girls at knitting who helped me get my head around the collar, I had been fiddling with it for a couple of days before bringing it in and they quickly worked out the problems and helped me fix them.

Next I finished a pair of Christmas socks for my dad. (he doesn’t read the blog so we are quite safe)

These are Wollmeise 100% merino superwash in Zenzi.

They colours remind me of giraffes on the Serengeti, let us hope they make Dad as elegant and light footed.

Last but not least, I was sitting at my computer one evening when Eric came home and was extremely loving to me. This cat is quite amusing, he will completely ignore you during the day but come 7.30 to 8.00 p.m. he comes bumbling in at quite a rate of knots and it really doesn’t matter what you are doing, it is time for ear and belly rubs. I love this quality time almost as much as he does.

So as he was laying on my lap deliriously happy and purring louder than he can meow. (he has an extremely quiet meow) when I felt this gush of maternal, – caternal? – love and decided to look at cat beds on Ravelry.

And found this… Cat Bed. My heart sang.

Not least because of the use of Knit Picks, Wool of the Andes and it would give me a good opportunity to track some down. Which I did, and found some in France at Tricotin web site.

A couple of hours later with some help off the Tricotin’s on Ravelry because of my very poor school girl French, I had placed my order, full in the knowledge that I wouldn’t get hammered by customs this time as last time I looked France was in Europe. (Would it be that obscure to take up French lessons just because you want to buy yarn from within Europe? – I am considering it!)

And it arrived this morning.

I think its lovely.

I shall be casting on just as soon as I have finished my Lizard Ridge blanket only seven more squares to go!

4 thoughts on “Bits and bobs.

  1. Jenny says:

    Wow, you have been busy, I particularly like that top just a pity you won't be wearing it for a while. And how spoilt is Eric, though I'm sure he deserves a gorgeous handknit pet bed. Can't wait to see him in it (no pressure).


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