Confessions of a knitter.

Firstly I must confess to having abandoned my purple period. I was quite right in that the stress of a two week knit would firstly take all of the enjoyment out of it and secondly make me so stressed that I could no longer count.

I tried three patterns altogether with my beautiful Wollmeise lace, the last pattern which I will try again I would have been able to complete happily in my first year of knitting, but at the moment, its a no go. So I’ve given up on the idea and have slunk back to my Lizard Ridge blanket. It is comfortable and soothing as I have learnt the pattern off by heart, and somehow I need comfortable and soothing just at this moment.

There is other news/confessions.

The sewing/knitting room progresses, although the decorating has stopped after the glossing of all of the woodwork because I found some beautiful wall paper and hubby thinks it would be a good idea to put that up after the windows have been fitted. (the windows will be fitted when we eventually make a decision although the VAT rise that is imminent is somewhat concentrating the mind)

And today hubby moved all of my yarn from *cough* various locations into my room and so I started to put it into some sort of workable format. For instance I decided not to go by colour but to go by the weight of the yarn.

It is slightly shocking to see your splurges up close and personal, I knew the Wollmeise was going to take a considerable amount of space, as I also knew would my hand dyed sock yarn, carefully chosen over the last three years at various events around the country. But, if pressed I would have said that I only had about 6 to 7 balls of commercial sock yarn left. (Opal, Regia etc etc.) And that really I probably needed more.. How disillusioned can you be, I have filled a very large container and realistically I won’t be able to fasten the lid!

There have been moments of finding wonderful treasures that I had completely forgotten about and also of shock at just how many balls of the same yarn were purchased on a crazy Boxing Day (or the day after) morning stood in the middle of John Lewis giddy and high as a kite on the yarn fumes.

I have found Scottish Tweed in my favourite colour (Lobster) in three weights, dk, aran and chunky, I was quite pleased about that. And most weirdly of all, I found a parcel of yarn which had been posted to me, which was identical to some that I had bought in John Lewis. So not only am I high on the yarn fumes, I can’t remember what I have bought. All I can say is I obviously liked it and it was a good price on both occasions.

I have sorted out about half of my yarnny treasures, the next half is much more tricky and will take longer. I will try not to get too distracted!.

One thought on “Confessions of a knitter.

  1. Jenny says:

    Quite right, knitting isn't supposed to stress us out, just the opposite. I did enjoy reading about your stash and the duplicate purchases, I'd love to see a photograph – of it all!


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