Dry at Last!

I finished this hat about a week ago, it really only took me two evenings and it is a very enjoyable pattern. Aunt Shirley Hat by Jennifer de Graaf is such a lovely knit.

But then I blocked it, and instead of cheating like I normally do and flinging it in the washing machine for a quick spin. I decided to gently block it and wait for it to dry naturally. This was a mistake. This hat has been in various locations in my kitchen trying to catch the warmth of weak watery rays of the winter sun, it has hovered precariously closely to an oven in full swing and has even sat on top of the dishwasher whilst in full cycle. Eventually it is dry, I left it another three days to when I thought it might be dry enough, just to get out any remaining dampness left in it.

This pattern is lovely in the way that it would fit any width of head, although some might prefer it a little longer. I suspect you could find a means of lengthening it. I am hoping that it will fit beautifully the young girls head it is intended for, and I hope she loves the colour as much as I do.

And I knitted it in Grace Silk and Wool by Lousia Harding in Amethyst which is a mixture of the dreams of Princesses, soft cotton clouds and extra special secrets that contain magical moments to come.

2 thoughts on “Dry at Last!

  1. amelia says:

    This is a beautiful hat and similar to one I made for my youngest granddaughter in colour and style! I always throw my knitting into the spin cycle, can't be bothered to wait for the natural drying. I do my hand wash clothing the same way, they all go for a quick spin!!


  2. Jenny says:

    Great hat but I do agree about leaving things to dry naturally. I was worried the scarf I'd made and blocked on towels was going to rot it was damp so long. However I do find blocking can cover a multitude of sins, like one sock a bit shorter than t'other.


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