Secret Santa at the Knitting group.

The last knitting group before Christmas,

Even though the snow and ice had taken hold of us who are snuggled in the deepest of Warwickshire, some of us ventured out to the knitting group. Firstly, there were the Secret Santa presents which were laid out on the table along with a bowl full of hand made chocolates by Cynthia, such a wonderful gift, most unexpected, of which we were all very grateful, they were absolutely delicious.

There was a quick snap of the group, and then….

Ronnie took a photo of two nutters! or should we say Santa -moi and Rudolf. (S) I love the fact that I have my very own Rudolf!, I am pretending to hold the reins which are two knitting needles… We were quite hysterical at this point. It was and is the highlight of my day, I knew just as soon as I saw those reindeer horns that we were going to have a good time…

Happy Christmas Everybody,


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