Merry Christmas Everybody.

I’d just like to wish everyone a happy Christmas, we have had a lovely morning. There was the present unwrapping, of which I must have been a very lucky girl this year. Hubby bought me an ipad, (which was given a week early) I’ve been listening to Christmas carols and the seventies and eighties Christmas songs along with watching films, generally surfing and my very first audio book, The adventures of Tom Sawyer, which my father used to read to us as very young children, I have been giggling about the episode where Tom is white washing Aunt Polly’s fence on a very hot day and persuades his friends that this is a fun thing to be doing. I am looking forward to downloading the Tales of Brer Rabbit, as my father used to put his all into the various characters as reading them. You must remember in those days, my father would sit in a very cold bedroom whilst we were tucked up in our beds, with woolen blankets and hot water bottles, with ice on the inside of the windows, nearly in the dark, listening avidly to every word until the sandman slowly took us off to dream of rabbits stuck in bramble patches.

Its been fun.

A project was finished and was able to be used for the first time.

Remember this, the Christmas tree skirt. I eventually decided that simplicity was better than over decorating it.

The tree itself. Which son no.2 decorated, he moans but seems to enjoy it. Although I do sometimes have to insist that even though there are decorations that are a little bit scruffy, that are old and might not sparkle as they did and might not appeal to him, they mean a lot to me and do need to be hung on the tree. I think he did a lovely job. I’ll come back to the tree in a moment.

My how they have grown. Our two boys unwrapping their presents.

A camera each to record their escapades! You can video for an hour on it as well! Oh what fun I shall have reading their facebook accounts…

And I must share this with you all, because it is the most delightful of presents. Can you see it nestling in the tree?

Given to me by my most treasured God Daughter. You need a closer look?

Tears sprang to my eyes as I unwrapped it.

Such tiny paws. It will be fun watching her grow, (and if anything like her parents, she will grow and she will grow and she will grow! – they are nicely tall)

But I must tell you the tale of when delivering my God Daughters present because Santa had inadvertently left it at our house – how remiss of him! I had noticed a very similar bauble on Miss Kitty’s tree. Out of all of the baubles it sprang out and I inquired about it. Where upon Carie gave it to me to admire and I cooed and was quite smitten with it whilst exclaiming that I had never seen anything like it before and how wonderful it was. And inside, but of course I would never say it, I thought, ‘I would love something like that, with Miss Kitty’s tiny fingers and toes to remember’ and was just a little bit sad when it went back on the tree, but also thinking how lucky there were to always have such a reminder of these precious days. Which is why I leaked when I opened it. I will treasure it always.

And then my Christmas knitting. My adult sized toes are snuggled up in these jewel like socks, the yarn was a present from my hubby when we visited Socktopus many moons ago, Indigo Moon fingering weight in Starlight. I find this colourway extremely beautiful and it has been a pleasure to knit and one I will be unlikely to ever find again in this country.

And then Eric would like to say happy Christmas to you all.

And now hubby is cooking the Christmas dinner for me, how lucky can a girl get?!

One thought on “Merry Christmas Everybody.

  1. amelia says:

    Can you tell I've been off the computer? I've had a nasty stomach bug and been in bed for most of the holidays, just catching up now.I love your tree skirt and I remember well when you were making it. Things on our trees are special and I understand completely I am the same way and your gift from Miss Kitty is lovely and something to treasure always.


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