Happy New Year.

What was the year of 2010 like for us. To be honest it was pretty miserable at one stage, but the second half was much brighter.

I did knit though.

And I made lots of socks, scarfs, shawls and hats, a baby cardigan and baby blanket, a thick winter cardi come coat and a summer top for me. I finished knitting the lizard ridge squares – I have to sew the ends in. I learnt to crochet!!! – and promptly made a baby cardigan. And I have sewn just a little.

And I became a Godmother to the adorable Kitty. Who really is quite the sweetest baby and it will be an absolute pleasure to help bring her to adult hood. Actually I am just looking forward to playing with childrens toys again, although I might give the roller skates a miss this time! But you know those huge trampolines that are popular these days – I’m in!!!!

I have taken to casting on something beautiful for me on New Years Eve, and this time it is a beautiful cardigan for spring. I think this will become a tradition for me. Why am I telling you this small detail, well, its because of my New Years resolution of which there is only one.

From the 1st (which is today) is not to cast on anything new and only finish projects until they are all finished! No excuses…. (apart from that I have already booked to start a block a month for this year – but as its in the same colourway as last year, well, I think we can sneak that one in)

Lets see how long I can last before a sock that is soothing to the soul is cast on.

I have lots of beautiful projects that are half way through, and I really need to get some of them finished.

Happy New Year Everyone.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year.

  1. Diane says:

    Happy New year to you all – I hope 2011 is BRILLIANT for you all. Word of advice re: the trampoline. Check your pelvic floor! You may need Tena Lady – even after a big wee!!! (Here speaks the word of experience!) xxxx


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