22nd Wedding Anniversary.

We have just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, how time has flown. I know this is a cliche and when you are younger you just don’t realise quite how quickly the years will pass by. I don’t consider myself as anything older than my mid twenties, and am often shocked by my creaky knees and wrinkles that are growing slowly deeper.

Hubby had booked the day off, which is a good thing as he was deep in sore throat and snuffly nose territory. So any plans were quickly curtailed and it was decided that we would take the day very gently. Although come the afternoon hubby, just as I was engrossed in reading hopped into the car and disappeared. He came back with scones, clotted cream and strawberry jam and some beautiful red roses, all 22 of them. We had a lovely cream tea and then hubby departed up to his bed. Leaving me to gaze at these beautiful roses,

and whilst I was gazing at them and thinking what a daft sod he was to venture forth, I noticed,

that there was one rose that had a double crown,

which made it looked heart shaped! I have never seen anything like that before and it tickled me pink.

Such beautiful roses, we are so lucky to be able to record such beautiful moments, it was only fifty odd years ago that colour film came in for home use and then it was expensive, all hail the digital age.

6 thoughts on “22nd Wedding Anniversary.

  1. Carie says:

    What beautiful roses – especially the heart shaped one – and what a lovely treat (just promise me you were a good girl and had cream then jam!)Congratulations to you both on 22 happy years


  2. amelia says:

    Oh I'd kill for some real clotted cream! Not to be had here I'm afraid, although I do have a recipe for it and have made it.The roses are spectacular and look like velvet in the picture. You could probably replicate them with red velvet, you are talented enough!!!Finally, congratulations on making 22 yrs. It's a wonderful achievement.


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