Thank you.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for sending messages of sympathy, it was much appreciated. Roger was a very good friend and I shall miss him dearly. As hubby had already booked a holiday we have just spent the last week tootling around Ilfracombe, with much walking and talking, it was lovely and was just the break we needed. Much better than to be dwelling on all that could have been and general chatter that comes with knowing and being one of the locals.

Roger really would have enjoyed this week, he worshiped the sun and used to turn a lovely shade of a dark mahogany every summer.

I shall write up a holiday post just as soon as… (insert post holiday jobs) I just wanted to say thank you to you all first.

One thought on “Thank you.

  1. Diane says:

    Wow wow wow wow wow and WOW!!!! What a great time – 2 love birds! Its always a relief to find you still like each other at the end of all the child rearing etc!!Our daughter begged to be let home from a fortnights holiday not last year, the year before – just to prove she could be trusted (she said) . Youve guessed it, she had organised a big party and as we dont get on with the next door neighbour, at 11pm – he called the police. Hubby ( a policeman!) was non too pleased with her I can tell you!. Great blanket on a previous post and so sory to hear about your friend. Ive solved the problem of how to follow you – i have added you to my sidebar list! Lots of love (and PS you look Fab in your photos). xxxxx


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