Lizard Ridge Finished.

At long last I have crocheted all the way around my Lizard Ridge by designer Laura Aylor which I started on January 29th 2008. In one way that seems a long time ago yet in other ways it seems like only yesterday. I haven’t only knitted this blanket, I have made many other items along the way. I found that after knitting three squares I needed stimulation elsewhere but it was always very comforting to come home to a familiar project that just oozes so much saturation of colour. The temptation is great to start another one, maybe next year, I seem to have a lot on at the moment.

You can just about see the crochet. I crocheted an extra two rounds of double crochet to make the edge more sturdy along with to show off the colour of the edging a little more. I am nearly tempted to block the crochet edging to make it lay flatter, but am worried that the dampness of blocking may transfer to my bumps, and I do like the bumps that the short row wraps have created. So I am leaving it, with age and wear it will all flatten out eventually.

I thought the teal colour would match the blanket perfectly.

I just love the colours.

So pretty

and vibrant.

And don’t forget, …

they’re be wolves in these parts… who love the Lizard Ridge almost as much as I do.

9 thoughts on “Lizard Ridge Finished.

  1. steel breeze says:

    Love love love it! That was a lot of knitting – it took quite a long time even by machine! :)Mine is alas not cat-proof – it's not that the yarn is snapping, it's a certain someone getting carried away paddling on the bed. So be warned! 🙂


  2. amelia says:

    I have to say this first!! WHAT BEAUTIFUL DOGS!!! You may know by now that, after my kids, dogs are the love of my life. All of them, no exceptions!Having got that out of the way, WOW, what an achievement!! This blanket is a real treasure and it's absolutely stunning! Do you know where it's home will be in your house?I also love to see your Noro cardigan (jacket?) in your previous post. It looks so good on you.


  3. Becky says:

    Cute pups! Your Lizard Ridge is absolutely gorgeous. Love the color of the crochet edge. It pulls it together nicely. Good job keeping at it until it was done!


  4. Faith says:

    Ohhh dont dogs do a great job posing with your handicrafts, I love the knitted blanket,Im a very bad knitter but I love quilting. The grey and charcoal lurcher looks just like my Scratch, only Scratch is a light brown brindle grey and white, and the golden retriever looks gorgeousx


  5. Sabie Jones says:

    The blanket looks beautiful. I'm just starting one myself and am really loving the bumps as well. My instructor told us that we will have to block the squares to ensure they are the right size to seam up and that the ridges line up. Did you block your squares at all or just let them be?Sabie


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